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Ed's simple country Guestbook

Ed's simple country Guestbook

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[12:37:22 AM| 9/10/2018 |]
Hallo Ed. I am74 years old. No I have to think young. I love your voise and all your songs The best for you in your life. I am listening to you EVERY day. Harry Martin Nedregotten Norway. 
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[10:05:54 AM| 9/3/2018 |] did you cut "YOU GOTTA BE TIRED LORD" too ? 
[7:02:25 PM| 8/29/2018 |]
Hi I'm a big fan of Ed's. Been so for a few years now. Have most of LP's and CD's. Just found the web site so hey, thanks for the songs, never fails to bring a tear to this old man's eyes. Best wishes from Peter, UK. 
[9:28:24 AM| 8/29/2018 |]
Thanks for the memories!!!!!! Singing with Mrs. McCalla in choir at Messick High School. Roger 
[4:34:39 PM| 8/23/2018 |]
Thanks for all the memories. DustyR. Mmrhodes10@Hotmail. Com  
[8:54:13 PM| 8/22/2018 |]
I've always like your raw, smooth voice and the music and it's about time I told you. 
[5:14:33 PM| 8/10/2018 |]
Hi Ed,, Expected to see your name in Saturday's WSJ where Trey and Patsy were mentioned in conjunction with partying brides-to-be. Raising hell in TN! It has been known to happen... :) 
[11:45:53 AM| 7/29/2018 |]
Mr. Bruce, I hope you're doing well. "When You Fall In Love Everything's A Waltz" is my favorite song in the whole wide world. It's the prettiest song I've ever heard in my life. I play it a lot. I was in my forties when I first heard it. I'm 66 years old now. I wish you the best. 
[3:37:07 PM| 7/22/2018 |]
Hello Mr. Bruce, Have you thought of writing your autobiography. I would love to read it. You are one of my all time favorite singers. Thank you Ken Brown. 
[8:59:09 PM| 7/2/2018 |]
Greetings from IRAN! I loved many country singers like johnny cash, vince gill, alan jackson, george jones, conway twitty but you always had a special place in my heart. thank you Ed for this wonderful times that you made for me. 
[4:59:18 PM| 6/24/2018 |] I am about 2 years older than you. been a country music fan forever. You are without a doubt best kept secret in classic country music. you have become my absolute favorite country singer and songwriter. Keep it goin man. 
[3:10:42 PM| 4/26/2018 |]
Hey Ed, I am wanting to order one of each of your CD's but having a little trouble with the website. If you don't mind sending me a total to my email thanks and have a great day, Baxter Tennessee here!!! 😎🤘🤠 
[6:16:48 PM| 3/20/2018 |]
She Never Could Dance, was on the Tell'em I've Gone Crazy Album. I cannot find the words to that song anywhere. I can't even find the album. Please help 
[12:14:22 PM| 3/16/2018 |]
Ed, Tony Perry here at Star Recording Studio in Crossville. You recorded here a few months back. Could you please give me a call. 931-200-6266. Thank you sir. 
[5:37:47 PM| 2/14/2018 |]
Hi, Ed! My husband bought your CD "Changed" recently. We LOVE it. Is there any chance you would be willing to sell accompaniment tracks to your gospel songs? My pastor has a music ministry with which I sing. We sing mostly before small Baptist congregations. If you would like to see the pastor's style of singing, check out Jeffrey Bryant Ministry on YouTube. We have a trio, also called 550 South. We are very small fish in the music ministry, but we love the Lord, and love sharing His music. Thank you for sharing your gift with the body of Christ. We are blessed! Sincerely, the Barnett's. 
[12:58:35 PM| 1/30/2018 |]