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Ed's simple country Guestbook

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Greetings from Germany, For over 35 years we enjoy your music, kind of singing and your voice. I bought my First LP at this time in Florida, marked not for abroad. But up to this day, wenn are fans. It' s wonderful beautiful music. Thank you Jrgen Kohn age 76 from Germany NRW Nest Dsseldorf 
[2:06:32 PM| 1/11/2018 |]
Sandy Tedesco, 107 Laurel Spring Drive Nashville, North Carolina 27856 
[8:57:00 AM| 12/28/2017 |]
My daughter Tracy was 20 years old, in the Army, just gave birth to a premature baby, Vanessa Kaye, Vanessa lived seven hours and died, she only weighed 1 lb.3 oz.They never even put her in an incubater , never tried to save her, just gave her to Tracy to hold until she died. She and her husband flew hr home to Cooperstown, NY, where Tracy is from, When Vanessa arrived at the Funeral home, I asked her if she wanted to go and see her, she smiled and said "no Mom, I held her 'til the life went out of her, so I went to see Vanessa along with Tracy's husband, They took us in and mercy her head was no bigger than an orange, but this beautiful little child of God had a white cross on her forehead, I touched it, to see if it was ashes, where perhaps they blessed her, no it wasn't , and Frank said, well it sure wasn't there when Tracy gave her back to the nurses. I smiled and said , it's because God choose to bless her,"He blessed her. what a moment of peace that was for me. Well, we had the funeral, just Tracy, Frank and I, she didn't want her brothers to go through this. a quiet peaceful ceremony and we burried her in the family Plot. When we got home from the funeral I looked at my precious Tracy and asked her if she would go to my doctor, as she looked horrible, she was yellow, dusty color, She agreed and went, the Doctor patted me on the shoulder and said, well with what she's been through, I think we'd all look like that. I thanked him and took her back home, two days later, Tracy was not acting herself and she looked ghastly, so I asked if she'd go to the ER and we would get a second opinion, He too patted me and said she's picked up a virus, gave her a prescription, and said with what she's been through, she looks pretty good, he said for her to take the med and she can go back to California and resume her duties. "Oh my Lord" But she did, and she'd call me at work and say, "Oh Mom, after duties today, I went shopping, I was so tired and hurt so bad, I couldn't go another step, and she fell to the floor and just wanted to rest, I, as a Mom was frantic, knowing deep inside there was something horribly wrong., I told her not to go to the Army Doctors, go to a civilian until you find one who listens to you, it took 3 months, she had found an old county Dr. who was so concerned, he , himself, wanted to drive her to San Fransisco to Letterman hospital, a Military Hospital, but she said Frank was on Maneuvers and would be back in a couple of days. God Bless this doctor. I flew out, and called her in her room, she said "Mom stay in the booth, as it's too dangerous for a lady alone to walk outside ..her husband would be along shortly, and "Mom don't talk to anyone, you are too friendly, , I told her, not to worry, but I would wait for Frank. Well there was a line clear to the door waiting to use the phone, so I picked up my suitcase, and went out the door and hailed a cab, The cabby wanted to know where I was going, I told him Letterman, he wanted to know who was in there that I came from so far away, we were only a block away, had I know that, I could have walked, but when we arrived, He got out , opened my door and gave me my suitcase, Shut the car off, said "do you mind if I come in and say a prayer for your daughter, I'm a Minister, supplementing my income with the cab. How sweet was that, It took three weeks, I didn't want to go home with Frank, 200 miles everyday, so I told him I'd get a room. Well, needless to say, I didn't have money so I just took for granted you could sleep on the couch in the lounge, well I did, until someone woke me up, telling me a patient had escaped from the top floor, where the confused people stay, I assured them that wasn't me. Well, Mam, civilians aren't allowed to stay in the building all night, I thanked them and started to gather my things, "no no, stay the night, but after this you will have to find a room" I thanked them and that night I gathered some newspapers and slept on a park bench almost under the Bay Bridge. Well I about frooze to death, the news papers helped, but it was mighty cold by the water. After that, I watched the 11 O'clock people come in for work, and if they left there car unlocked I'd sleep in the backseat, I did this for almost a week, but one morning I woke up, freezing, oooh had to go potty so bad, I got out of the car, smoothed my clothes, and headed for the front door, oh no !! There in front of the hospital was the guards car, I thought " dang, if they stop me I'll wet my pants. well as I neared them, I smiled and sid Good Morning Gentleman, and scooted right past them.I stayed in that bathroom 45 minutes with the electric had dryer, "oh mercy, I would let it blow on my face until I finally thawed out. Went out and got coffee and headed for my daughters room. The nurse said good morning and she smiled and I smiled back at her, then she said where did you come from," Oh I said , Cooperstown, NY, No, no, she said, where did you come from last night, and put her hand on my shoulder, she shouldn't have done that, an ounce of kindness and I go to pieces, fighting back tears, I told her what I had been doing, she said "We know" we've been watching you for a week" Then she said this is my floor, from now on, you will sleep in the lounge, there's showers, robes and blankets, make yourself at home. I told her I couldn't do that for nothing, and I worked at the hospital back home, so I said let me take care of the girls in the room with Tracy, I can get them on the potty, clean them, empty their bed pan and do the I &O's. So that's what I did. Tracy was so selfless, one day all four girls went for bad tests, and I was rubbing Tracy's back, when Judy said, If my Mom was alive, she'd do that for me, Tracy said "go to her" so I did, and can't help but be amazed at my daughter for thinking of someone else at such a horrible time. Well it took three week of testing, finally a group of Doctors came in and gave us the news I already knew in my heart, She was so full of cancer, they couldn't tell where it even started. I asked if I could take her home, to Cooperstown, to be with her brothers and Grandparents and friends were, doctor said "Oh that would be wonderful for her. So we came home, Her husband drove out, but Tracy flew home.We were there almost a week before thay admitted her, she had a room with a couch in it and many chairs, so everyone could sit and visit, except Tracy didn't talk much to anyone except her brother, Grandma and Grandpa and me. She said "Oh Mommy, I wish people wouldn't touch me, I burn when they touch me, I said Oh mercy, I'll tell them, "Oh No, don't do that, Mom, it would hurt their feelings", so I was the only one who didn't touch her. Tracy wouldn't take anything for pain, NOTHING !! But they made plans that when she was ready to go, when she could no longer bear all of this, let them know, Well from that day on, she would ask me to read from the Bible, , then, she's ask me to sing from the hymnal the minister brought us, I know I must of sung every song in it, over a period of her last three weeks, Dr's and nurses we crying when they would leave the room because I would be smiling and singing to my Tracy.The last song was "God Be with you til we meet again, I have to admit that I did choke up on that one. They couldn't get over me being so strong, hey I said this isn't about me, it's about my only daughter, I'll do whatever she asks. She had me call the funeral parlor, And the director, who was a friend of mine says, Sandy, I'm Not well, I'm not sure I can get through this, I told him she would make it easy on him, She picked out her casket, the songs she wanted sung, the whole thing, and as the Funeral director was leaving, he said Sandy, I've had my doctor right outside the door, incase something happens to me, but you were so right, she is the strongest person I ever met and she is always smiling, just like you do. When ever her company came, especially the boys, I'd leave, incase they had anything they wanted to say that was private, Well Tracy decided on Oct 1, as her date to take the shots, he oldest brother was in the Navy and on his way home, she was going to take her shot at midnight, well My son Terry Called from the plane they would be late, but he would be her as soon as possible. Tracy said "Oh no Mommy, I wanted to take my shot at midnight, I thought for a moment she was going to cry so I said Tracy, Terry know how very much you love him and you know how much he loves you, you go ahead and take your shot, he wouldn't want you to suffer one more pain, you take it honey just as you planned. And she did, I wasn't sure she would ever wake up again, but when Terry arrived I got right down by her ear and told her Terry is her honey, and she was able to to talk with him for just a few minutes. so the many stayed with us in the room, I always slept in a straight back chair, with my head on her pillow so if she needed me I would be right there. Well the next morning Tracy grogly awoke and asked me to tell everyone to go home, that she was tired. And with that, they left, knowing they would never see again. I took several hours of getting shot every two hours, That day I have to admit the fears flew, but every time she opened her eyes, I smiled , she never noticed my tears.God love her. Well, all of a sudden, this precious child who couldn't even hold her head up, sat bolt upright, the most incredible white light came through the window, and my Tracy sat bolt upright and was flailing her arms , finally she grapsed it and laid back dow, I told her "Jesus is here now honey, Tell Him Mommy said "thank you very much for the years we've had, I said the 23rd. Psalm and she opened her eyes and smiled at me and said" I love you Mommy" and the light went out the window and my Tracy was no longer with us. I asked the Doctors and Nurses and Ministers and her husband not to leave the room, I wanted to know if they saw what I saw, and they were all crying and everyone saw exactly what I saw, except her husband, who flew out the door.How bless were we to have witnessed such a fantastic departure for my daughter on her way to Heaven. Sorry this was so long but it certainly is worth reading, hope you get a blessing out of it. .......Sandy Tedesco writing about my daughter Tracy Ann Steele. 
[8:54:39 AM| 12/28/2017 |]
Ed, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all the great songs you've given us, But you have to know, my favorite is, "I Know" I lived that. I guess I am one of your oldest fans, but I want you to know how very much your talent means to all of us. But when you did "I Know" I thought you were reading my heart, thank you Ed Bruce, you touched me as no other singer ever has done before. Sandy Tedesco, Nashville, North Carolina.  
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Ed, really enjoy your songs, are you going to go out touring anymore? 
[12:53:22 AM| 11/17/2017 |]
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Morning Ed. This is KZZX, a radio station in southern NM. Just wanted to let you know that, every now and again, we play your songs on Throwback Thursday here and the response is wonderful. Hopefully introducing a new generation to you as well as your wonderful voice and lyrics. Thank you, sir. 
[12:08:00 PM| 10/25/2017 |]
Mr. Ed, Please add my email to your email please. I've loved your music for years and your TN anti-littering ads from earlier years were awesome as well. I told someone about them the other day at our chamber of commerce board mtg. or  
[9:41:51 AM| 10/23/2017 |]
[9:37:18 AM| 10/23/2017 |]
Hello Sir, my husband and I recently rediscovered you via Willies Roadhouse on Sirius xm, which we listen to while driving. His truck, his pick, but we both like country music so it is all good. BTW, he is coming up on birthday number 76 next week, with luck I will have him for a good many years yet. I'm too young to be a widow again. Anyway, love your songs, and your voice is wonderful!! Kepp up with the Lords work! 
[2:32:21 AM| 10/21/2017 |]
Howdy Ed. I hope this email finds you well, in great spirit and enjoying life. I just listened to the interview and it is great to hear a real Counrtry Man with Class. I think it is time for the circle to come back around to what Country Music is for. Its for everyone but mostly for the common folk needing a lift in this tough world giving a taste of joy, comfort and spirit healing we all desperately need at times. I somehow want to contribute bringing Real Country Music back to the forefront. I hope to talk with someday but in in the meantime you are talking to all of us thru your songs. Bless you. Kent Patterson 
[11:58:51 AM| 10/1/2017 |]
Hello, Ed. I beat you to 78 on my March 22 birthday and the good news is that it's not much worse than 77. Not any better but no worse. After bemoaning the state of "love songs" played at our granddaughter's wedding a few weeks ago all the way from Hilton Head back to N.Ga. my husband Gary and I decided soon after we got home to drag out our old favorites. There were some beautiful ones for sure but it was your After All that brought back not just the memories but the feeling as well. It truly is a masterpiece. I'm glad I found this sight so I can say, after all these years, thank you. 
[8:40:25 PM| 9/8/2017 |]
Good Morning Ed, My name is Martin Wix and we met in the early 80's when you did a concert at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City,MO. Great singer then and great singer now. Love the way God has blessed you in this life and that you now give your testimony to all that will listen. 
[7:37:05 AM| 8/25/2017 |]
Hi Ed it's Mark Brown I left you the message about Kenny forgot to put my email and it is 
[11:48:37 AM| 8/17/2017 |]
Hi Ed my name is Mark Brown we met many years ago at a place called Cheryl Sky Lounge in Wilmington Delaware my best friend Kenny Jones was playing guitar with you just wanted to let you know that Kenny passed in March often spoke of all the good times of working on your farm with you I just wanted to forward on to you the information about thecelebration and tribute we have coming up in October I'll leave you my email hope to hear from you thank you 
[11:45:56 AM| 8/17/2017 |]