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Ed's simple country Guestbook

Ed's simple country Guestbook

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[3:46:27 PM| 11/17/2017 |]
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[6:33:33 AM| 11/17/2017 |]
Ed, really enjoy your songs, are you going to go out touring anymore? 
[12:53:22 AM| 11/17/2017 |]
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[10:46:15 AM| 11/10/2017 |]
Morning Ed. This is KZZX, a radio station in southern NM. Just wanted to let you know that, every now and again, we play your songs on Throwback Thursday here and the response is wonderful. Hopefully introducing a new generation to you as well as your wonderful voice and lyrics. Thank you, sir. 
[12:08:00 PM| 10/25/2017 |]
Mr. Ed, Please add my email to your email please. I've loved your music for years and your TN anti-littering ads from earlier years were awesome as well. I told someone about them the other day at our chamber of commerce board mtg. or  
[9:41:51 AM| 10/23/2017 |]
[9:37:18 AM| 10/23/2017 |]
Hello Sir, my husband and I recently rediscovered you via Willies Roadhouse on Sirius xm, which we listen to while driving. His truck, his pick, but we both like country music so it is all good. BTW, he is coming up on birthday number 76 next week, with luck I will have him for a good many years yet. I'm too young to be a widow again. Anyway, love your songs, and your voice is wonderful!! Kepp up with the Lords work! 
[2:32:21 AM| 10/21/2017 |]
Howdy Ed. I hope this email finds you well, in great spirit and enjoying life. I just listened to the interview and it is great to hear a real Counrtry Man with Class. I think it is time for the circle to come back around to what Country Music is for. Itís for everyone but mostly for the common folk needing a lift in this tough world giving a taste of joy, comfort and spirit healing we all desperately need at times. I somehow want to contribute bringing Real Country Music back to the forefront. I hope to talk with someday but in in the meantime you are talking to all of us thru your songs. Bless you. Kent Patterson 
[11:58:51 AM| 10/1/2017 |]
Hello, Ed. I beat you to 78 on my March 22 birthday and the good news is that it's not much worse than 77. Not any better but no worse. After bemoaning the state of "love songs" played at our granddaughter's wedding a few weeks ago all the way from Hilton Head back to N.Ga. my husband Gary and I decided soon after we got home to drag out our old favorites. There were some beautiful ones for sure but it was your After All that brought back not just the memories but the feeling as well. It truly is a masterpiece. I'm glad I found this sight so I can say, after all these years, thank you. 
[8:40:25 PM| 9/8/2017 |]
Good Morning Ed, My name is Martin Wix and we met in the early 80's when you did a concert at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City,MO. Great singer then and great singer now. Love the way God has blessed you in this life and that you now give your testimony to all that will listen. 
[7:37:05 AM| 8/25/2017 |]
Hi Ed it's Mark Brown I left you the message about Kenny forgot to put my email and it is 
[11:48:37 AM| 8/17/2017 |]
Hi Ed my name is Mark Brown we met many years ago at a place called Cheryl Sky Lounge in Wilmington Delaware my best friend Kenny Jones was playing guitar with you just wanted to let you know that Kenny passed in March often spoke of all the good times of working on your farm with you I just wanted to forward on to you the information about thecelebration and tribute we have coming up in October I'll leave you my email hope to hear from you thank you 
[11:45:56 AM| 8/17/2017 |]
I am Tommy West's stepson, Blair. My family is putting a video message compilation together for his 75th birthday next week. Would love it if you could contribute. Thanks! 
[7:58:28 PM| 8/9/2017 |]
Mr. Bruce, I happened to hear one of your songs the other day and wondered where you are these days. Having viewed your website, I am wanting to purchase any of your older CDs if available. Am especially looking for Red Doggin Again. You sang that when you came to the Lewistown, Montana Fair back in the 80's. I had the pleasure of getting an autographed picture at the time, but in my many movings around our beautiful country, I have lost it. Regardless, I would still like to purchase any CDs of your earlier recordings if still available. I did have your music on cassette, but alas, they're history. Thank you for providing great country music. Kimme Duffy, 
[4:50:17 PM| 8/9/2017 |]
Dear Ed, I have only lately found what you have contributed to, not only "Country Music" but to all those who you have helped make it through lonely nights and hard times. I have heard and loved so many songs you wrote that others have "covered", without much credit to your contributions I will be traveling to take care of my 87 year old mother next week. She has lost all seven of her brothers and sisters, her lifelong partner and love of her life, my father, most of her friends and several nieces she adored. I will share your song "I Know" with her. Her faith is strong but I believe your song will give her more strength to face a life of lost family and friends. I want to thank you for all of your songs and the faith in the heart and soul your songs evoke. 
[7:42:27 PM| 7/6/2017 |]
I love your voice and one of my favorites that you sing is NIGHTS. Would like to see your tour schedule, if you have one coming up. You are really great. Donna J. 
[3:31:03 PM| 7/4/2017 |]
Hello always been a fan...if you know Pat McManus then he is a business associate in a new production company coming to Nashville...we have some new movie and movie soundtrack projects coming to town and we would like to get with you with you email address is or 615-956-5292..Jack McGhee CEO/President WindDancer Productions International Corporation. 
[7:00:46 PM| 6/10/2017 |]
still love ur music... 
[8:00:51 PM| 6/7/2017 |]
I have loved and my life has been enriched by your amazing voice over the years. A day does not pass that we do not play at least a Couple of your great songs. We have all your songs. I visited Sun Studios in 2002 and will never forget it. God bless you ed, we love ya. 
[8:35:43 PM| 5/28/2017 |]
Ed Bruce god bless 
[8:30:54 PM| 5/28/2017 |]
Hi Ed - Though it was years ago I still remember "Bret Maverick" with fondness and regret that the series ended after one season. You and Garner had a likable chemistry between you, shared by many of the other cast regulars. And you did a great job writing and performing the theme song. I still have the record album it is on ... wish you the best. 
[12:55:39 PM| 5/18/2017 |]
Sir, my name is Mike Willis and I am a 32 year old bass singer in Kingsport, Tn. Over the years your voice and tone have been an inspiration and coach to push me to have a better head tone and sound. Thank you for your work. If you have any advice or recommendations I welcome it with open arms. 
[8:30:31 PM| 5/4/2017 |]
Hi. I just became a huge fan after discovering "Thank You For The Son" on youtube. I must apologize for not realizing that you are responsible for two other favorites "Last Cowboy Song" and "Mama's DLYBGUTB Cowboys". I guess back then it was all Waylon and Willie, and I was only paying attention to what was behind the microphone and not behind the music. Anyway, "In Jesus' Eyes" is a beautiful album and you have a beautiful voice for praising our Creator and His Son. Sincerely, Joy and family 
[5:35:02 PM| 4/15/2017 |]
Mr. Bruce, Words cannot express the admiration I have for you. You have had a great career but I admire most your wonderful songs. My career has been in the military...over 40 years worth. It was country music that every soldier enjoyed the most. You and I share something, a love for God and Jesus. In reflection of my military service I felt compelled to attend a seminary to get perspective. Diagnosed with PTSD I also found that music--country music--has done more for me than counseling. I was raised country on an Ohio farm. My dad was in the rodeo circuit for awhile. I fashioned myself a cowboy from a most early age. Now I sing your songs, as well as Willie, Waylon, George Strait, George Jones and Chris Ledoux songs. Yours and Chris Ledoux are my favorites as they are cowboy songs. I sing to veterans and the elderly. They all love your music. I just wanted you to know that your songs have touched our hearts and has eased our suffering. I thank God for your wonderful gift of songwriting and singing. Just thought you should know. David "Dallas" A Hotchkiss CW4, US Army Retired 
[11:05:56 PM| 3/6/2017 |]