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Name: Peggy Hall Comments:
Email Address: momrox247@hotmail.com Just an old friend trying to contact the Great One....If this gets to him, tell him, Bruce Hall from Colorado has sent his love and would sure like to talk with Ed again...please email me back so I can relay word to Bruce and family...
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City: Lansing
State: MI
Country: U.S.A.
Date: Jan 6, 2009
Name: TC Blake Comments:
Email Address: tcblake@bellsouth.net We love all your work Ed. Your new gospel work is GREAT! Bruce Hodges (Nightrider) over in Galax, Va plays your latest gospel song on WBRF radio station frequently. You're in our prayers daily that you'll be inspired to write more gospel music.
TC Blake & family
Brown Summit, NC
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City: Brown Summit
State: NC
Country: USA
Date: Jan 5, 2009
Name: Mike Meyer Comments:
Email Address: mikemeyer@me.com Hello Mr. Bruce;
You, probably do not remember me but back in the 70's, you were working as a D.J. I think in Nashville, anyway I was the Patent holder and chief engineer of an alarm system, that was being marketed by a corporation named watchman Inc. They had an ad agency, I cannot remember their name that had some very cool radio spots to sell the product and they featured this deep voiced DJ named Ed Bruce, somebody gave my son one of the tapes last week, knowing my connection to Watchman Inc. and Ed it sure sounds alot like that fellow on my favorite C&W song " Last Cowboy Song ". My question is do you remember any of this? If you have the time or inclination shoot me an email
Thanks your friend Mike Meyer
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City: Menlo Park
State: California
Country: U. S. A
Date: Jan 3, 2009
Name: Ken Comments:

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City: Forest Lake
State: Minnesota
Country: USA
Date: Dec 30, 2008
Name: Sandra Beasley Comments:
Email Address: sebeez@msn.com I met Ed when he performed in Toronto in 1986.....a great show and I haven't heard much about him since. I was in Nashville in November (this year) and I found his CD's in Ernest Tubb's record shop. Couldn't find any for years. Thanks for continuing your country roots, Ed
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City: St. Catharines
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
Date: Dec 26, 2008
Name: Albert Babin Comments:
Email Address: all_babin@hotmail.com Hello Mr Bruce..just a few words to tell you how much I love your music..Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your familly sincerely yours Albert Babin
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City: Montreal
State: Quebec
Country: Canada
Date: Dec 21, 2008
Name: Sheila Haston Comments:
Email Address: sheila-newbys@att.net I've enjoyed your music for so long, I miss
not having CDs to listen to of your old
recordings. Any way to just get them on CD
for us? My tapes are long gone...played them to death!!
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City: Nashville
State: Tn
Country: US
Date: Dec 19, 2008
Name: David Williams Comments:
Email Address: dewilliams345@cableone.net I have been a fan of your music for many years. Cowboy born and bred. Plan to buy more of your CD's. Thank you for your music and your faith.
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City: Clarkdale
State: Arizona
Country: USA
Date: Dec 19, 2008
Name: jim kritikos Comments:
Email Address: kritikosjim@yahoo.com Ed:
Ilove your song "Memories Can't Stand To Be Alone" I had it on your I Write It Down album, but lost it during the move to Texas. Does this song still exists, are the lyrics still available? I cannot find them anywhere. Thanks, JK
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City: N/A
State: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: Dec 15, 2008
Name: lee cariker Comments:
Email Address: mrstiff_mrstiff@yahoo.com just incredible music! the songs tell 'em i've gone crazy, last cowboy song, girls,women, and ladies,and my first taste of texas are the best i have heard! i collect older country music and this is great,one of my best cd's!
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City: west fork
State: arkansas
Country: usa
Date: Dec 14, 2008
Name: John Swenning Comments:
Email Address: johnswenning5@aol.com PLEASE help me locate anything with a copy of your wonderful song, Christmas Started With a Child. I have been searching for years with no luck.
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City: Fowler
State: CA
Country: USA
Date: Dec 12, 2008
Name: Peggy Sheldon Comments:
Email Address: peggyr@bbc.net Mr. Bruce. You recorded a song years ago I believe the title was "you've got her eyes"
I wore that old cassette out and have been searching for years. Can someone tell me where I can find a copy. I would so appreciate knowing---and I love your Christian music, it's great that we have made committments where they really count.
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City: Alliance
State: NE
Country: USA
Date: Dec 11, 2008
Name: Joanie (Clever) Wolfe Comments:
Email Address: momzeegram@yahoo.com God Bless You Mr. Bruce! My husband & I purchased The Opry's Reunion Videos some time ago. Because of other obligations we were unable to watch them til today...(my 60th birthday). I can't think of a more wonderful birthday blessing, than to hear of your love for our Blessed Father & His Son, Jesus Christ, our Saviour & Lord! Praise God for Blessing me with this!
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City: Templeton
State: Pennsylvania
Country: America USA
Date: Dec 1, 2008
Name: Larry Cardin Comments:
Email Address: lpcardin@gmail.com Ed I sang on the same show with you when you had just released Rock Boppin' Baby. I didn't have ha record deal, just a crush on Anita Woods. Teh show was a battle of the bands, hosted by John Froman at the Fairgrounds in Memphis. I was raised in Memphis. Reggie Young was a friend of mine back in those days, I'm sure you've crossed paths with him on occasion as well as Big John Huey. I'm glad you've enjoyed so much success in your life and wish you the best in the future. By the way I was a frequent guest on Dance Party and became friends with Wink Martindale in those days. Take care of yourself and God Bless.

Larry Cardin
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City: Montgomery
State: Texas
Country: USA
Date: Nov 26, 2008
Name: A. O. Williams Comments:
Email Address: Cowboy70x7@comcast.net Ed you have always been one of my favorites, and I miss hearing you on Country Radio. As the man who wrote the Cowboy National Anthem to Bret Maverick's side-kick and the host of one of my favorite shows Truckin USA and a man who could pass as my own father's twin brother, I have always loved your work.
__ I'm so happy you are singing about the Love Jesus has to give those willing to receive that Blessing. I too have been changed by this great Love and Cristian Country Music is where my heart is. Momma didn't just let me grow up to be a Cowboy, it was something God Himself Blessed me with, and wouldn't you know it; Jesus is coming back soon riding a horse with King of kings and Lord of lords written on His vest and chaps !!!
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City: Newberg
State: Oregon
Country: U. S. of A.
Date: Nov 23, 2008
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