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Name: steve wilson Comments:
Email Address: cherokeesteve@btinternet.com Hi Ed
you have been my inspiration since I started singing and playing guitar. We share the same birthday and I was born in the neighboring state of Okla. I was adopted by an English family because I am mixed blood, then raised in England. I almost met you in the UK but my band was sent to Europe the same week so I missed out.
I hope one day to meet up with you
Regards Steve
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City: Bidceford
State: Devon
Country: England
Date: Aug 26, 2008
Name: Mandi Perry Comments:
Email Address: wanderincowgirl@gmail.com I was born in raised in a little town in South Dakota and reamined on the family ranch until I was married to my husband Matthew in 05. He is a proud soldier of the USAF, but it was a really differant change of lifestyle for me. In 07 we got orderes to be at our next base in Alaksa by May 08. The night before I left home my brother got his guitar out and played one of my favorite songs by you and always told me to remeber who I am and where I come from. He played the last cowboys song. I now play that song for my boys every night before they go to bed. Thank you for that special song! Take care and God Bless, Mandi
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City: 1891 Pitsenbarger Ct. Unit E
State: Elmendorf AFB, AK
Country: United States of America
Date: Aug 25, 2008
Name: vickki Comments:
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City: salida
State: colorado
Country: usa is there any other?
Date: Aug 23, 2008
Name: John F. Davies Comments:
Email Address: jfd3vet@netscape.net Dear Ed Bruce,

Its been decades since I've come across your name and music. But this year it seems that a lot of people and places that I thought were long forgotten are coming back to me again.
I first heard your music when I was stationed back East in North Carolina with the 2nd Division Marines.Hearing your tunes takes me back to sitting on my back porch and watching the sun set over New River Inlet, and the sound of a Chuck-Will's Widow in my ears.

Good to see you're still around, and hope for more and better years to come.

With deepest regards,
John F. Davies
USMC (ret)
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City: Berkeley
State: California
Country: USA
Date: Aug 13, 2008
Name: Maggie Sharp, Comments:
Email Address: owlofthenight@earthlink.net I am a new fan, yet older than I ought to be. You won me over with Perfect Lamb, and then the album THis Old Hat. . . just wonderful. Keep it up, and I'll catch up with the new re-releases.
Love you!
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City: Ithaca
State: NY
Country: United States
Date: Aug 9, 2008
Name: Hershel Pack Comments:
Email Address: hcpack@hotmail.com I very much enjoyed you performance at Friendship Methodist Church in Athens on August 03, 2008. I spoke with you briefly after the service and purchased one of your cd's. I told you an old 45 rpm record that I thought of bringing for an autogragh. You told me bring it to Symatomga, but I did not get the date. Thanks for coming.
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City: Athens
State: Alabama
Country: USA
Date: Aug 3, 2008
Name: joe whalen Comments:
Email Address: joerwhalen@yahoo.com Hi Ed.. Its Joe from WHPC (90.3FM) on Long Island. You may remember us doing a phoner to promote you album CHANGED, a few years back. Well I just awoke from a very vivid dream where we met up again. This prompted me to the website here, and see your latest gospel album, which I do not have. Are there any promotional copies to be had? I'd like to feature the entire album on my radio show. If you're up for another phoner, we could do that too. Dreams are so strange, but I've decided to listen and act on them, now matter how far-flung they seem. I guess where Jesus' name is involved, there's a reason for everything.. Hope all is well, Ed, & that your happy as ever.. Always Yours, Joe Whalen
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City: freeport
State: New York
Country: USA
Date: Aug 3, 2008
Name: Dianne Stevenson Comments:
Email Address: annie339@telus.net Thank you for the great music you make. I
really enjoy listening to your warm rich
voice. You have a very great talent. All the best in all your future life as you bring a lot of joy to people with your
music. Thanx again. Dianne
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City: Prince George
State: British Columbia
Country: Canada
Date: Aug 2, 2008
Name: Yolonda Jones Comments:
Email Address: jones8779@bellsouth.net When you had a Fan Club I was a Member
Do You have one now that I can join
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City: Benton
State: Ky
Country: USA
Date: Aug 1, 2008
Name: Tina Phelps Comments:
Email Address: phelps.4568@sbcglobal.net Ed is the best. I have listened to him since I was a young girl. My favorite songs are You're the Best Break and When You Fall in Love Everything's a Waltz. Please release a best of album! I'm Waiting!

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City: New Castle
State: IN
Country: USA
Date: Jul 30, 2008
Name: Valerie Jutz Comments:
Email Address: vjutz@comcast.net Dear Ed,

Your music is very special to me! I saw your interview with Bill Cody, it was so good to see that slow smile, and hear you laugh.

I have a friend who just recorded his first CD in Nashville. His first single is out on radio now. He is an old soul, in a young mans body, he loves the legends, such as yourself. He writes his own music, and I just know you will love it. Please taken a listen, to Shane Wyatt the Last Cowboy,
www.shanewyatt.com. His single is called Big Bad Dog, it is a true story, about his uncle the wildhair truck driver.

If you ever come to Minnesota, would love to see your show.

Fan Always
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City: Oakdale
State: MN
Country: USA
Date: Jul 30, 2008
Name: William Rider Comments:
Email Address: william_rider@yahoo.com Been a big fan since 1974, sure wish I could purchase a cd or MP3 version of your 1974 album, Ed Bruce. I purchased the album when it released, but it's been long gone, and I loved ALL the songs not just 1 and 6. Your are definitely the best country musician ever.

Bill Rider
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City: shelton
State: WA
Country: usa
Date: Jul 28, 2008
Name: Sharon Skaggs Comments:
Email Address: seskaggs29@gmail.com Hi,
I watched Bret M. because I was a fan of Jim G's but then I heard you sing! I enjoy your music and your acting. I have many of your tapes and am looking forward to getting some of your gospel CDs.

I see you are friends with Baxter B. I have a lot of his poetry and have given it as gifts.Is he still a vet? I've been tempted to suggest to Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs that he contact Baxter. I think that would be a great show. They have similar sense of humor. Mike has a good voice too.

Keep up the good work! I'm glad I have found how to get more of your albums. Hope to see you in concert some day.

A fan. Sharon Skaggs
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City: Stoy
State: IL
Country: USA
Date: Jul 28, 2008
Name: jeanie brown Comments:
Email Address: jeanmb@nb.sympatico.ca. Hi,This my second letter ,I love Eds singing I also have seen some of his movies on late night T.V.I cannot find any C.D.s here. I get them on YouTube. My seventeen year old grandson and I are hugh country fans. He was born on Eds birthday Dec 29th.Willie Nelson and George Jones have been here many times. A Canadian fan Jeanie.
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City: moncton
State: newbruswick
Country: canada. E!A2R8
Date: Jul 27, 2008
Name: Janice Munn Comments:
Email Address: jmunn3000@hotmail.com I thought Ed did the song, Miracle Express. I have been trying to find it but cannot locate that song anywhere. Can you email me and let me know if that is incorrect or if not, where I can purchase it. Thanks! Janice Munn
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City: Great Falls
State: SC
Country: USA
Date: Jul 22, 2008
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