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Name: Jerry LaRue Comments:
Email Address: cityofkeiser@yahoo.com Would love to have you visit Keiser. I love your music, acting and "Truckin'USA". We are having a 75 year anniversary of incorporation for Keiser Nov. 1, 2008. I would love to have some sort of memento from you for this event. And remember you're alway welcome here.
Site Rating: 10
City: Keiser
State: AR
Country: USA
Date: Jul 22, 2008
Name: Bro. Bruce Walters Comments:
Email Address: wbwalters@ardmore.net I enjoyed the entire web-site and am looking foward to seeing you'll soon in Alabama sharing with the folks in Moulton
Site Rating: 10
City: Ardmore
State: Alabama
Country: USA
Date: Jul 21, 2008
Name: fay haddon Comments:
Email Address: fayhaddon@optusnet.com.au I am trying to obtain an album of Ed Bruce called Ede Bruce 12 Classics. I am in Australia and would like to know where I can purchase it in Sydney, Australia. I am desperate to get this album as it contains my favourite song: Ever Never Lovin' You.
Site Rating: 6
City: mortdale
State: nsw
Country: australia
Date: Jul 18, 2008
Name: Christine Porter Comments:
Email Address: cfpboss@yahoo.com Mr. Bruce I have always loved your music. Afew years ago, Judith and I carried on a email correspondense from an email i had send about how I liked This Old Hat. We had talked then about you coing out with a gospel cd Which you are great in this too. I did have a question- Is the Maverick shows you were on ever put on vhs or dvds. I was able to get home recordings of a few which I enjoyed. Im a child of the 50's and 60's so very fond of westerns and I was surprised they had that out in the 80's. I really enjoyed the emails with Judith. I saw you on 700 Club and she spoke to me of her shyness. Thanks for the sharing of your talents over the years. Hope all is well God Bless you and yours.
Site Rating: 10
City: Louisville
State: Ky
Country: usa
Date: Jul 16, 2008
Name: glenn Comments:
Email Address: mantherg1@comcast.net wonder if Streets of Laredo can be found anywhere/ your version is probably the best cowboy song recorded. thanks
Site Rating: 7
City: broomfield
State: co
Country: usa
Date: Jul 16, 2008
Name: Bill Crockett Comments:
Email Address: bcrockett@houchensindustriescom I've enjoyed your music over the years. I didn't know that you were living in Monterey until someone on the golf course mentioned seeing you in town. My brother at the radio station in Jamestown reminded me of many of your songs that he had played through the years. Go Jesus!
Site Rating: 10
City: Allardt
State: TN
Country: USA
Date: Jul 13, 2008
Name: Christy Morgan Comments:
Email Address: cassann@hotmail.com I grew up listening to your music and I still enjoy it today! America on XM Radio still plays your music. It's such a shame today's radio has pushed out the true classic sound of Country. Best wishes!
Site Rating: 10
City: N/A
State: Ohio
Country: N/A
Date: Jul 12, 2008
Name: Ernie Walls Comments:
Email Address: myemail48@myway.com Hey Ed!
Happy to hear that you are still pickin'...You used to do the announcing for the Dodge Country Showdowns in San Bernardino back in '83 when I was a DJ at KDIG-am1240....Get a new one in the Top-Ten and show these new folks how Country Music is supposed to sound!....God Bless! Ernie
Site Rating: 10
City: Phoenix
State: Az
Country: USA
Date: Jul 8, 2008
Name: Marlene Wise Comments:
Email Address: egggirl@neo.rr.com Have been a fan for 25 years.
Site Rating: 10
City: Akron
State: OH
Country: USA
Date: Jul 7, 2008
Name: Sharlene Corse Comments:
Email Address: sandrcorse@hughes.net Just thought you might want our email address. I need to send you some more pictures of your new grand daughter.
We love and miss you. Sharlene, Ray, and Sarah Corse. Ray said he saw on TV where you all were to be at something this weekend in Smyrna. We will be in SmithvilLe, TN BLUEGRASSING.
Site Rating: 10
City: Columbia
State: TN
Country: USA
Date: Jul 2, 2008
Name: Barbara Allen Comments:
Email Address: barbara33allen@yahoo.com How can it be rated anything else but #10. He is one on Country and Christian music's best nothing under #10 maybe over #10 I would go for that.

God Bless Music
Barbara Allen
Monterey, TN
Site Rating: 10
City: Monterey
State: TN
Country: USA
Date: Jun 30, 2008
Name: Mary Phillips Comments:
Email Address: mary-p@att.net I am trying to find a CD of yours with the song Diane on it. I heard it a few weeks ago at a dance here in Abilene and vaguely remember it from years past. Can you please help me out? I love this song.
Site Rating: 10
City: Abilene
State: Texas
Country: USA
Date: Jun 30, 2008
Name: Brad Comments:
Email Address: bamabrad@msn.com Your name came up while discussing the Helen Keller Festival in Tuscumbia, AL. I remember the year you were the headliner. Out of all the Headliners they have had you are the only one I can remember that put on a GREAT show. I'm not sure what year it was and although it is a little (a lot) late.....Thanks for the memories.
Site Rating: 10
City: Tuscumbia
State: AL
Country: USA
Date: Jun 29, 2008
Name: jeron Comments:
Email Address: gyve.munky1@gmail.com Mr. Bruce,
My wife & I co-write songs. In the beginning we did more kissing than writing. 4 years & 4 children later, we are just now starting to re-co-write so to speak. Do you have any wisdom or tales to share on the subject of co-writing with a spouse or co-writing in general?

Thanks for your time.

Take Care,
Jeron Kyle
your line- I 'm tired of leaving nothing, No one ever knows you're gone
Someone's always there to take your seat.
The simplicity of the lyric made great by it's meaning.
You are a GREAT Songwriter.
Site Rating: 6
City: Hermitage
State: TN
Country: US
Date: Jun 22, 2008
Name: Jerald /Nancy Follis Comments:
Email Address: jornfollis@bellsouth.net We are great fans. We will be at your Dinner Theater appearance in Spring City,TN
on July 19th. Will see you there!

Jerry & Nancy
Site Rating: 10
City: Chattanooga,
State: TN
Country: USA
Date: Jun 20, 2008
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