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Name: Roslyn Scott Comments:
Email Address: roslynscott@bigpond.com Love your music!
Site Rating: 10
City: Sydney
State: New South Wales
Country: Australia
Date: Jan 7, 2008
Name: Juanita Harper Comments:
Email Address: Dolly901@aol.com Have been a fan for years. Watched you on the old James Gardner show when you played the bartender. I would like to know what albumn you had the song with Jeanie Fricke that had part of the lyrics "wait and I'll get my purse and go with you. I have several of your albums (even the Old 33's" and it wasn't on it. You and Don Williams have always been my favorite. Sincerely, Juanita.
Site Rating: 10
City: Lawrenceburg
State: Ky
Country: USA
Date: Jan 7, 2008
Name: Michael Peters Comments:
Email Address: p_freakin_p29@yahoo.com Mr. Bruce. I am a 24 year old new writer living here in Monterey. A co-writing buddy and I were talking about the accomplishments you have had in your life. You may know his grandpa Oscar Walker. Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and tell you that you are an inspiration for us younger guys trying to live the dream of music. Thank you for being outspoken about our Savior, everyone that follows you may make life changing decisions for Him by you being so outspoken on the change he has made in your life.
God bless and thank you,
Michael Peters
Site Rating: 10
City: Monterey
State: Tn
Country: United States
Date: Jan 6, 2008
Name: Tom Comments:
Email Address: tom_lagomarsino2005@yahoo.com Ed, I was blessed by your music 20 years ago and now that I have learned what a change Jesus has made in your live, just like mine, well I feel twice blessed. Look forward to meeting you some day Brother! Tom
Site Rating: 10
City: N/A
State: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: Jan 5, 2008
Name: Michael Lawson Comments:
Email Address: satmen@otelco.net Ed
Words can't fit in when I try to describe the influence you
have had on my family and I.
Please continue to share your heart and soul to the world.
Even more powerful and life changing are the truths of the gospel that you sing from your heart!
I would love to see you in concert in the days ahead.
I believe your best days are ahead.
From a friend you've never met,
Site Rating: 10
City: Union Grove
State: AL
Country: United States
Date: Jan 4, 2008
Name: W.L. chisholm Comments:
Email Address: chishwl@otelco.net Happy New Year to you and Judith

W.L. & Sue
Site Rating: 10
City: Guntersville
State: Alabama
Country: US of A
Date: Dec 30, 2007
Name: Neil Barber Comments:
Email Address: N.Barber@hotmail.com Hello, this is a very good site for a man whom I have admired since the early 80's. I love his music and if I ever get up the nerve I want to sing karaoke in one of the local bars here of just his stuff. Some of my favorites are "If it was Easy" and "Thirty nine and holdin". Come to Pahrump sometime sir and visit. I'll whip up a BBQ for ya and a few beers. Take care, Neil......
Site Rating: 10
City: Pahrump
State: Nv
Country: United States
Date: Dec 28, 2007
Name: Tom Brown Comments:
Email Address: brown526@bellsouth.net Ed, Maybe you remember at a concert (within the past 2 weeks) in or near Western NC, a fellow named Don Rice had you sign a CD for his friend & fellow musician, Tom Brown. That was me. Here's the coincidence: The night of the day I reveived the CD, I was at a Christmas party with mostly old people, and I suggested playing your CD. I didn't know The Lord's Prayer was on there until I looked. I mentioned it, and an 80+yo lady there had never heard it put to music, and didn't even know music had ever been written for it. When it played, she, along with myself and several others, became teary-eyed and weak-kneed. She said she needed that! God bless you, Ed...that was meant to be...what timing!
Keep up the good music, Tom Brown
Site Rating: 10
City: Hendersonville
State: NC
Country: USA
Date: Dec 28, 2007
Name: Tom Comments:
Email Address: tla308@hotmail.com I am a huge fan of Ed Bruce, have been for years,I wish I would have been in town when you were here in October. I hope you come back to Chillicothe, God Bless you Ed
Site Rating: 10
City: Chillicothe
State: Ohio
Country: USA
Date: Dec 28, 2007
Name: Marion Page Comments:
Email Address: franklinhenard@sbcglobal.net as a karaoke nut I would love to know where to get your music on karaoke. If there's none available would you concider making some. Thanks Marion Page
Site Rating: 10
City: Marianna
State: Arkansas
Country: USA
Date: Dec 27, 2007
Name: Bernd from Germany Comments:
Email Address: HartnackundEisen@gmx.de Dear Ed,

I would like to wish you and all the visitors of this Guestbook here a wonderful Christmas Time and a HAppy new Year 2008.

Best wishes

Site Rating: 10
City: Troisdorf
State: NRW
Country: Germany
Date: Dec 23, 2007
Name: Ken Day Comments:
Email Address: swstumba@bigpond.net.au Keep up the great Country Gospel. It brings glory to God and people to the faith of our Saviour Jesus.
God bless you always with your great voice and talent.
Revd Ken Day
Site Rating: 10
City: Tumbarumba
State: NSW
Country: Australia
Date: Dec 22, 2007
Name: Dick Bartels Comments:
Email Address: Trickiedsi@aol.com I heard Ed perform songs from his CD "Changed" at a Methodist Men's conference at Purdue University and would like to get sheet music and/or back-up tapes so that I can perform some of these songs at my local church on Staten Island in NYC. Do you have such items available or can you direct me so I can find them.
Site Rating: 7
City: New York
State: New York
Country: USA
Date: Dec 21, 2007
Name: Shara McBee Comments:
Email Address: jmmcbee@earthlink.net Thank you for taking time to autograph your 12 Classics CD to my son Ian McBee. It will be one of his Christmas presents.

Ian is my 17-year-old son whose passion is Country and Western music. He spends much of his free time listening to music and nagging us to tell him who is singing and who wrote each song. Ian is legally bind and has cerebral palsy, so he is very limited in what he can do physically to entertain himself.

We appreciate your inclusion of Christian music on the CD.

Thanks again,

Shara McBee

Site Rating: 8
City: N/A
State: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: Dec 3, 2007
Name: Bob Rogers Comments:
Email Address: eagle51361r@aol.com Looking for the cd 12 classics, any help.
Site Rating: 10
City: Rochester
State: New York
Country: usa
Date: Dec 2, 2007
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