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Name: Bernd from Germany Comments:
Email Address: HartnackundEisen@gmx.de Hello,

her in Germany we celebrat four Sundays before Christmas Advent, and now it s the first Advent I dont know, if you celebration that in your Country too, but if you do, Iwish you all a wonderful first Advent.

Best wishes

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City: Troisdorf
State: NRW
Country: Germany
Date: Dec 2, 2007
Name: Henry Bruce Comments:
Email Address: hbruce@apbb.net Am a descendant of Wilson Bruce, brother of Arnold.
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City: Grants Pass
State: Oregon
Country: USA
Date: Nov 28, 2007
Name: Bill Crocker Comments:
Email Address: w.crocker@comcast.net I first heard you sing at Messick HS when I was in the 9th or 10 grade. Their was an auditorum day (or morning) and you sang a song. I was with my best friend, at the time, BB Cunningham. I remember that we were both taken away with your performance. I am not sure but I think he told his Dad, Buddy Blake, about you and wanted to help you meet Sam Phillips. His Dad recorded for Sam Phillips International label at the time. I have lost track of BB over the years. Anyway, I have followed your career over the years and wish you the best.
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City: Bellingham
State: WA
Country: US
Date: Nov 25, 2007
Name: Josh Bell Comments:
Email Address: llebhsoj@earthlink.net I love to stumble upon songs that glorify Christ, when I'm just tring to find an old song that's in my head. I was looking for "You're the best break this old heart ever had" when I noticed all of the Christian songs. I love it and thank you Ed.
Josh Bell
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City: napa
State: ca
Country: uas
Date: Nov 17, 2007
Name: Dawn Jensen Comments:
Email Address: adjenz@svtel.net Could somebody contact me about where i can find the dvd with "tell em i've gone crazy" on it. i have been searching for a long time.
Thank you
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City: Spring Valley
State: Wisconsin
Country: United States
Date: Nov 15, 2007
Name: Tony Perry Comments:
Email Address: tonyperry@charter.net Ed, just listened to your latest CD. Very good. I have played your songs over the past 35 years as a Disc Jockey. I now have a small recording studio in Crossville, just up the road from you. Would dearly love to have you visit sometime. Always been a huge fan. Also, we produce a free to the public "Jamboree" at the historic Palace Theater in Crossville every first Sat night. Its a big deal up here...would love to have you appear and do a couple of your songs sometime. Feel free to call me at 931 200 - 6266.
Best Wishes
Tony Perry
Star Recording Studio
Crossville TN
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City: Crossville
State: Tennessee
Country: N/A
Date: Nov 11, 2007
Name: James Travis Kirk Comments:
Email Address: starbat41@yahoo.com Been an Ed Bruce fan since '83, when I was working as a DJ and music director in a small market station in Texas. The Last Cowboy Song was my personal favorite, but all of them rate highly. Thanks Mr. Bruce, for years of quality entertainment in all the venues.
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City: Suwanee
State: GA
Country: United States
Date: Nov 10, 2007
Name: Dan O. Stephens Comments:
Email Address: dan.o1940@gmail.com Hi, Ed
I saw you several years ago in Ft Collins
I have enjoyed your music for many years.
I will order an album shortly.

Thanks for all the good songs,

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City: Ft. Collins
State: Colorado
Country: USA
Date: Nov 5, 2007
Name: Gail Vaughn Comments:
Email Address: bgailv@yahoo.com Thank you for your songs and performances. I fell in love with (James Garner) Maverick when I was a girl in Hapeville GA. I remember you on the series. I know your voice, I have appreciated and enjoyed your performances on film.
I didn't know until now that you also write music and sing. Did you write "Cup of Conversation" or just perfom it on the Streets of Laredo album? I've had the lyrics running in my mind off and on for years.
Again, thank you for sharing yourself with the public.
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City: Atlanta
State: GA
Country: US
Date: Nov 2, 2007
Name: steve w huselton Comments:
Email Address: swhuselton@aol.com
I have been a long time Arkansas Drummer for
45 years. I have all ways like your style of
music. It would be a pleasure to drum behind
you sometime. Take care Ed.

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City: Pine Bluff,
State: Arkansas 71603
Country: US
Date: Oct 26, 2007
Name: Ted Day Comments:
Email Address: tedday@blomand.net Hello Ed,
Enjoyed your website and information about you and your music. I have always liked your singing and your voice. Also I have seen most of the movies you have been in. I have always been involved in music since I was 7 years old. I started playing in 1950. I now have a small recording studio in Sparta and my wife and I perform for NCL cruise line.I didn't realize that you lived in Monterey, TN. If you're ever performing close, it would be great to come and hear you. Please visit us online at our website at www.digi-traxstudio.com.
Ted Day
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City: Sparta
State: TN
Country: USA
Date: Oct 26, 2007
Name: Cor Sanne Comments:
Email Address: cms-country@planet.nl They don't make them like Ed Bruce anymore. I know for a fact that country fans worldwide would like to hear artists like Ed a lot more. So much musical integrity can barely be found these days.

We had the pleasure of working with Ed a number of times and we treasure this. Ed and Judy are great people. America better be proud of his artwork.

We love you Ed and Judy.

Your friends in Holland.
Cor & Margaret Sanne

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City: Nieuwkoop
State: N/A
Country: Netherlands
Date: Oct 25, 2007
Name: A. D. Payne Comments:
Email Address: davidhatesemail@aol.com Howdy! Surfing around on a rainy day and decided to find you on the internet. What do you know. I did.
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City: Montgomery
State: Alabama
Country: United States
Date: Oct 18, 2007
Name: Gene Norris Comments:
Email Address: gnorris101@wowway.com I received a note from Roger Cooper about you being available for a concert on Sunday morning, April 6. We look forward to having you in our church. Gene [Pastor of Riverside Fellowship]
Site Rating: 10
City: Clinton Twp.
State: MI
Country: USA
Date: Oct 13, 2007
Name: JENNY A Comments:
Site Rating: 10
City: ny
State: NY
Country: USA
Date: Oct 8, 2007
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