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Name: Jerry R. Crawford Comments:
Email Address: jerrycrawford@chartermi.net Sure would love to hear you one the radio again. You have a great voice and a wonderful sense of timing for your lyrics and music.
Site Rating: 8
City: Birch Run
State: Michigan
Country: USA
Date: Sep 15, 2006
Name: Steve Burns Comments:
Email Address: motodad1966@hotmail.com I heard one of your tunes today on a AM country station out here today AM 1350 The Toad, one of the last Classic Country stations left out here in Southern Ca. The song was "After All", and it's one of my favorites! Keep up the great work.

Site Rating: 10
City: Chino
State: California
Country: USA
Date: Sep 12, 2006
Name: Randy Mitchell Comments:
Email Address: pastorrandy@charter.net Mr. Bruce,
It was great to have you at the WV United Methodist Men's retreat and its associated Circuit Rider Camporee for the Boy Scouts. You touched many hearts with your witness and your songs; more than you will ever know. May God continue to bless your ministry and witness.
Site Rating: 7
City: Washington
State: West Virginia
Country: USA
Date: Sep 11, 2006
Name: Bob Comments:
Email Address: boblin@bright.net I'd have liked to see the song lists of
each album.
Mr. Bruce has always been one of my favorite
artists. Thanks for the beautiful lyrics and
the excellent song delivery.
God Bless! Bob
Site Rating: 8
City: N/A
State: OH
Country: USA
Date: Sep 10, 2006
Name: Jerry Blalock Comments:
Email Address: bj30147@yahoo.com Glad to see this fine site dedicated to one of country's greatest singer/songwriters. The One to One lp of Ed's is still one of my favorites of all time.
Site Rating: 10
City: Lindale
State: Georgia
Country: U.S.A.
Date: Sep 10, 2006
Name: Bernd Hartnack Comments:
Email Address: HArtnackundEisen@gmx.de Hello,

did you know, if the new Gospel Album fom Ed Bruce, is avaible in Germany too?

Best Wishes

Site Rating: 10
City: Troisdorf
State: NRW
Country: Germany
Date: Sep 9, 2006
Name: Ken Heininge Comments:
Email Address: kenheininge@gmail.com I would love to have Ed's 1980 album "Ed Bruce" on CD. That one LP is my all time favorite. I have two copies of that LP (one to use and one to save). I'd love to have Red Doggin Again, Neon Fool, and those songs from this album in digital format. Sign me up to buy the first copy off the press. Thanks, - Ken H.
Site Rating: 10
City: Hayward
State: CA
Country: USA
Date: Sep 8, 2006
Name: Ed Comments:
Email Address: southernboreal@yahoo.com Hey Ed,
If I see you in town I will say Hello!
Good day, Eddy
Site Rating: 10
City: Monterey
State: TN
Country: USA
Date: Sep 4, 2006
Name: James Bell Comments:
Email Address: urbanfarmers@sbcglobal.net I visited 30 churches as the District UMM President this last year. I heard you sing at Purdue and picked up your 'Changed' CD. Each Sunday I visited a church I would learn to sing your songs with your heart. I sang a solo of 'For My Good and to Your Glory'. I would like to sing all your songs because they speak to a man's heart.
Site Rating: 7
City: Waxahachie
State: Texas
Country: Texas
Date: Aug 30, 2006
Name: Antti Comments:
Email Address: kuulax@luukku.com Hello,

I would ask for a very big favour. I have been looking for the lyrics for the "8 wheel driver" some 10 years, without luck. Fortunately I found this site eventually. I would appreciate your kind attention. Keep on your great music.
Site Rating: 10
City: Kangasala
State: N/A
Country: Finland
Date: Aug 30, 2006
Name: WAYNE OAKES Comments:
Email Address: wayne@theoakesagency.com ONE OF THE BEST COUNTRY SINGERS EVER!
Site Rating: 10
State: TN
Country: USA
Date: Aug 30, 2006
Name: Dale Elsener Comments:
Email Address: delsener@swbell.net I have tried to find the lyrics for Tell 'em I've Gone Crazy, but cannot. Is there somewhere I can get them? Maybe you could put them on this site. Great song!
Site Rating: 10
City: Seminole
State: Oklahoma
Country: USA
Date: Aug 30, 2006
Name: ARDATH WERNE Comments:
Email Address: AlohaDancer@aol.com Aloha, Ed. This is Ardath Werne, cousin to Carol Ann and Jackie Werne. Do you remember me - Messick Class of '60 graduate? I married your classmate Hugh Dyer and we had one son Chip. I am single now, living in both San Diego and in Mau'i, Hawai'i, teaching hula and writing. I worked for many years as a hairstylist in motion pictures, and founded the Canyon Theatre Guild in Newhall, CA in 1970. I would love to hear from you and Patsy. I have followed your career and congratulate you on so much contribution that you have made to this ClassRoom Earth. Stay well, stay happy, and always remember, Ed, Earth is a ClassRoom for Learning, not a CourtRoom for Judging!
Aloha nui loa (much Love) & Laughter,
Site Rating: 10
State: CA
Country: USA
Date: Aug 29, 2006
Name: Dorin Marincas Comments:
Email Address: countrydoclub@yahoo.com Howdy!
I am writing you from Romania.
I am the owner of Country Do Club Romania and my company produces syndicated radio shows with country music for 12 radio stations across Romania including
National R3 Romania"www.Radio3net.ro".
If you have any promotional materials with Country Music (cd-s,DVD-s until 2006)please send them to me on the below address (Dorin Marincas OP12 CP835 Cluj-Napoca,Romania-Europe..I prefere this address).I am ACM member and Sterling Member of CMA,(#503088,maybe you are too).
The address of my US Department: Alecs Variny
512 Nez Perce Lane
Lake Villa,IL,60046
Sorry about my english.Thank you.
Transylvania Cowboy
Dorin Marincash
Site Rating: 10
City: N/A
State: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: Aug 27, 2006
Name: John Earhart Comments:
Email Address: jdeusna@bellsouth.net I'm a Messick grad '61. Bobby Burke has an e-mail network of grads, mostly his class,'59. They are all sending in Elvis stories. Leslie Brooks remembered hearing Elvis play Malaguena on guitar at aschool assembly. I corrected him and reminded him it was you. I was wondering what you were up to and Googled you to find this site. My daugher Whitney Earhart teaches at The Ensworth School. She has brought in musicians to visit and perform for the students. Her favorite band The Brazilbillies and Vince Gill & Amy Grant (they have kids there) among others. I thought she might like to invite you. So if you hear from her I hope you'll consider it. Always loved hearing you play. Hope you're well.
Site Rating: 10
City: Orange Park
State: FL
Country: USA
Date: Aug 24, 2006
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