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Name: Cliff Monges Comments:
Email Address: cmonges@snet.net Ed
It was great meeting you in Nazareth last weekend. Thanks for sharing your songs with us. They are still ringing in my head!
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City: Wallingford
State: CT
Country: USA
Date: Aug 9, 2006
Name: Chris Rollins Comments:
Email Address: tcr21701@yahoo.com Ed:

I really enjoyed meeting you at the Martin Guitar Forum gathering. Your song writing clinic with Ron was great. Thanks for joining us.

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City: N/A
State: NJ
Country: N/A
Date: Aug 8, 2006
Name: Byron Chesney Comments:
Email Address: bchesney@tntrivia.com Ed Bruce will forever be in my memory as the guy that sang the Tennessee Trash public service announcements back in 1976. I was only 10 years old at the time but it made a huge impact on me. I consider Mr. Bruce a great Tennessean and I want to thank him for the great service he has performed for the state of Tennessee.
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City: Knoxville
State: Tennessee
Country: USA
Date: Aug 8, 2006
Name: Philip Cook Comments:
Email Address: cook@adams.net I've been looking for the words to after all I think it's one of the best songs Ed Bruce ever sang . It's to bad he didn't record more he has a distinct voice that anybody who likes true country music has got to love. I love all kinds of music new and old but there are certain songs that stand out for each time period. I'm sending money to buy Eds 12 classics ASAP just so I can here some of the songs I haven't heard in a long time. I wish Ed the best and a long and healthy life. God Bless
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City: Quincy
State: Illinois
Country: United States
Date: Aug 7, 2006
Name: kelly gore Comments:
Email Address: pictures5000@hotmail.com I still love your music!!!
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City: Springfield
State: IL.
Country: USA
Date: Aug 5, 2006
Name: Jackie Thurik Comments:
Email Address: jactracy61@aol.com Hi Ed,
I can't believe I found you! How are you?
What ever happened to Mi Amigo?
Do you ever talk to any of the guys?
Did you ever get a copy of the movie?
I've never seen it anywhere/
former costumer
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City: New York
State: New York
Country: good ole USA
Date: Aug 4, 2006
Name: Michael Brown Comments:
Email Address: indiateal@bellsouth.net I wrote Mr. Bruce a letter and I hope that he gets to read it. He was a friend of my dads years back and we often went fishing when he came to Pensacola.
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City: Milton
State: Florida
Country: US
Date: Aug 4, 2006
Name: Ruby Mayfield Comments:
Email Address: 1badsax@ioa.com Hi Ed,
It has taken me a while to write because my computer has been down. It's all better now. I want to say thanks again for stopping by to see Brian and myself at Vinchenzo's in Asheville. You and you wife made us feel like our work was really appreciated.
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City: Asheville
State: North Carolina
Country: USA
Date: Aug 3, 2006
Name: stephanie Comments:
Email Address: slgr0then57@yahoo.com mr. bruce, when i was a child i remember waiting for your song on the radio.i am now 46 years old and have been looking forever for this song. thank god,for computers.my dad died in december,but i will always remember him singing and harmonizing to your song, when you fall in love everythings a waltz.sincerely,stephanie
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City: st. peters
State: mo.
Country: usa
Date: Aug 3, 2006
Name: David Wilson Comments:
Email Address: david.g.wilson@comcast.net Listening to This Old Hat right now, and just thought I would say how good a friend you are, Ed, even though we have never met. If Cracker Barrel serves comfort food, then I would say Ed Bruce writes and sings comfort music.

Thanks from a long time fan. You had me back when The Last Cowboy Song first hit the radio!
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City: Chattanooga
State: TN
Country: United States
Date: Jul 29, 2006
Name: JOHN R PRATT Comments:
Email Address: jjwpratt@aol.com Ed
I've enjoyed your music for many years and your TV career. I have a favor to ask could you please help me find a The Best of Ed Bruce CD done in 1995.
pob 583
Centreville Al 35042
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City: Centreville
State: Al. 35042
Country: USA
Date: Jul 26, 2006
Name: Gary Gabbard Comments:
Email Address: gabbardg@ci.hamilton.oh.us Ed, I have always been a fan of you and your music. I have been a country music/southern gospel music dj for 39 years. Your CD changed is really tremendous, as well as your testimony. I have been in the ministry since 1988 and I always rejoice when one of "the good ol boys" gets saved. God delivered me from alcohol over 20 years ago. My wife and I are pastors of Butler County Cowboy Church in our hometown of Hamilton,Oh. We also have a radio talk show called "Issues and Answers" on WCNW AM1560 in the Cincinnati market. Would love to interview you sometime. Been playing your CD on my satuday night "Live from Radio Ranch" gospel program, also on WCNW. God Bless you in a mighty way! Gary The Cowboy Gabbard, WCNW AM 1560.
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State: Ohio
Country: USA
Date: Jul 26, 2006
Name: Pat Stanton Comments:
Email Address: pstanton@dreamscape.com I like almost all of your songs I've ever heard, but my favorite is "Sleep All Morning". Is is available on a CD?

Thanks for all the great music!
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City: N/A
State: NY
Country: N/A
Date: Jul 25, 2006
Name: Dix Harper Comments:
Email Address: dharper1@wi.rr.com It was a pleasure to meet you and Judy at the pre-wedding dinner Saturday evening in Smithfield, NC. And, you numbers sang for Sharon and Billy's wedding Sunday afternoon were simply beautiful. We arrived home and played your CD "Changed"...what a wonderful testimony!
Please tell Judy I was flattered that she didn't believe I'll soon be 84. But it says 1922 on my birth certificate.
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City: Germantown
State: WI
Country: USA
Date: Jul 25, 2006
Name: Linda Moreland` Comments:
Email Address: twostepper39@yahoo.com Just wanted to let you know you havent been forgotten in Alabama. I still enjoy listening to that smooth sexy voice of yours every chance I get. Keep up the good work darlin
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City: Florence
State: Alabama
Country: USA
Date: Jul 24, 2006
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