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Name: Ed Crenshaw Comments:
Email Address: ed_crenshaw@yahoo.com I heard at church yesterday about your music ministry. We both have come a long way since our Nashville days in the 70's. May God bless you abundantly.
Site Rating: 10
City: Winchester
State: Tn
Country: US
Date: Jun 19, 2006
Name: wayne oakes Comments:
Site Rating: 10
City: nashville
State: tn
Country: usa
Date: Jun 19, 2006
Name: Marilyn (Red) O'Hara Comments:
Email Address: ohmark9@comcast.net Enjoyed the site. Also enjoyed Ed in concert in National City, CA area - once at a drag race with one of the Hazard Boys then again at a Cowboy town park. Love you music and have several albums. Please do more.
Site Rating: 10
City: Albany
State: OR
Country: USA
Date: Jun 17, 2006
Name: ED Pero Comments:
Email Address: lion.ed@primus.ca Have not seen you on tv lately love your music
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City: Burnaby
State: B.C>
Country: Canada
Date: Jun 16, 2006
Name: jim knudsen Comments:
Email Address: jimbogriz@yahoo.com Hi Mr. Bruce. I'm a Montana boy living here in the midwest. I used to play with Ron Wise and also good friend Randy Rich. Well, I've always liked your music and I saw a music video in 83 or 84 while getting ready for work and I heard a song of yours and Randy was playing his nocaster with you. If you know where Randy is or how to reach him I would sure be greatful.
Keep on keepin' on,
Jim Knudsen
Site Rating: 10
City: newton
State: iowa
Country: usa
Date: Jun 15, 2006
Name: Delores Rice Comments:
Email Address: elkgrovelady@frontiernet.net I've enjoyed your songs for many years and some are in my library list on my IPod. So I hear them all the time. I listened to "Last Cowboy's Song" today, it's profound. I especially like "When you fall in love, everything's a waltz." Not sure what that means. Good fortune and happiness to you.
Site Rating: 10
City: Elk Grove
State: California
Country: N/A
Date: Jun 8, 2006
Name: Hanni ("Honey") Comments:
Email Address: joergbriese@t-online.de Hey Ed !! Hope you're reading this or the one who's reading your guestbook tells you that Hanni was here to say hi to you! I was proud to meet you, years ago, somewhere in Southern Germany (Danndorf?). Wow, it really was a great event for me!!! That evening my first husband was with me and he carried all his vinyls with him in order to get them signed by you - you only denied to sign the bootlegs :-)... - If you read this and later my CD-order I would be more than glad to receive a personal note from yourself!! Would also really love to see you again in Germany ! With kind personal regards, yours, Hanni (which you immediately spoke like "Honey" looolll :-)
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City: near Hamburg
State: N/A
Country: Germany
Date: Jun 4, 2006
Name: Terry Langford Comments:
Email Address: tellnldy@aol.com Great web site. Love the new CD I ordered and received. Talked to Johnny Western recently and he plays yours songs for me alot without being asked. He and Dugg Collins are great fans of yours also. Wish you could come to Wichita again one day. J.W. is a great guy. Again, lots of us fans still around.
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City: Wichita
State: Kansas
Country: USA
Date: Jun 2, 2006
Name: Klaus Braun Comments:
Email Address: Heidr422@aol.com A friendly Hallo from germany to Ed,

in the middle 80's till the late 80's I was a country DJ in germany. You, Ed, you was always one of the best for me. Than, Nashville goes for me a wrong way. To much line-dances, to much combination's from country, rock and pop.

So, I like more your western-style and I hear your cd's and lp's. Thank you so very very much for your music, your realy great voice.

One funny accidental. With now nearly 46 years I married this year at December 29th, hahahahaaa, the same date than your birthday. Your wife namend Patsy, my wife named Heidrun.

With lovely friendly greetings from Norheim/germany


Klaus Braun
Site Rating: 10
City: Norheim
State: Rheinland-Pfalz
Country: Germany
Date: May 31, 2006
Name: Bob Thompson Comments:
Email Address: bthompson@rocktenn.com Thanks for making the drive in this Maryland traffic a pleasure. Cannot wait to get in my SUV and listen to your greatest hits. Thanks!!
Site Rating: 10
City: Baltimore
State: Md
Country: USA
Date: May 28, 2006
Name: lee popovich Comments:
Email Address: margo122050@cs.com Some of Ed's hits should be brought back by some of the new singers on scene such as Josh Turner. They could have huge hits with Ed's "When you fall in Love Everything's a Waltz" and "My First Taste of Texas" etc.

Site Rating: 8
City: Rockford
State: Illinois
Country: USA
Date: May 26, 2006
Name: Ben Moulton Comments:
Email Address: bestmo@sympatico.ca Great site, been an Ed Bruce fan for years. I'm trying to locate the lyrics for his single Diane, however have not been able to locate them anywhere. Can you help me?
Site Rating: 10
City: North Bay
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
Date: May 26, 2006
Name: Brian Faulkner Comments:
Email Address: brian@spinfiredesign.com Ed,

I first heard of you when I saw your name in a Chris LeDoux album. I have since bought your albums and have fell in love with your songwriting, singing. Incredible lyrics, incredible music...you are a true cowboy, and country-western tunesmith. Chris defenitely thought so. God bless!

Brian Faulkner
Site Rating: 10
City: Lincoln
State: NE
Country: USA
Date: May 26, 2006
Name: Billy Thomas Comments:
Email Address: billywt@worldnet.att.net I remember Ed from Messick High when he played and sang at the Assembly program. I was in the Class of 1958. (We both look a lot older now than when we were in high school.)
All The Best,
Site Rating: 10
City: Livingston
State: TX
Country: USA
Date: May 25, 2006
Name: rosemary corley Comments:
Email Address: argenta33@hotmail.com I have been a fan of your music for many years and have enjoyed your movie performances. My husband's mother was a Bruce and after he saw you in "Fire Down Below" on TV a few days ago, he claimed you were a 3rd or 4th cousin and I said "Yeah, sure". He said he wasn't lying that you were originally from Arkansas and so was his mother and that once, many years ago you visited an uncle of his in Fame, Oklahoma. True or not, I've been a fan of yours and have several of your very early tapes. I like the way you paint a picture in yours songs. I don't drink and don't attend bars, but in your song "Girls, Women and Ladies" I could picture that scene as clear as if I had been sitting at a table nearby watching it transpire.
Site Rating: 10
City: Shawnee
State: oklahoma
Country: pottawatamie
Date: May 21, 2006
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