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Name: Greg Barber Comments:
Email Address: barber3@wnonline.net Mr.Bruce would you please send me an autographed photo? Thanks and God bless.Greg Barber
189 Conour Ln.
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City: Many
State: La.
Country: USA
Date: Jul 1, 2005
Name: "Tubby" Dyer Comments:
Email Address: tubby2@tpg.com.au G'Day Ed!!! Long time admirer of you and your music..will be passing by Monterey in November '05 from Marietta Ga. to Nashville, Tn.Run a show "Bar-B-Q" Country on radio "down-under" and would appreciate the chance to get something on record for my listeners.y'all keep well over there..Regards, "Tubby" Dyer........
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City: Lake Haven
State: N S W
Country: Australia
Date: Jun 30, 2005
Name: peggy palmer Comments:
Email Address: portofcalltvl@hotmail.com Ed-Thank you for giving your best at the concert in Douglasville Sunday night.You are a blessing.I love "For my Good and to Your Glory".It touched my soul. God gave me this which I share with you. "I love You Lord, You gave me life. You created my soul, You breathed spirit into me, my flesh is your reflection, my heart beats with Yours, Jesus is my brother and You, my loving Father. You promised never to leave me nor forsake me. I am the 1 of 12 who returns to praise You, to glorify You and to Thank you for loving me."

You have a beautiful spirit and your testimony about your wife's eye was inspirational. Thank you for sharing and uplifting all of us. May God continue to bless you & yours. Peggy
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State: GA
Country: USA
Date: Jun 29, 2005
Name: Scot Brown Comments:
Email Address: wscotbrown@bellsouth.net "Your the best break this ole heart ever had" is one of my all time favorites. I just don't ever hear it anymore. I was just looking for the latest from Ed Bruce.
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City: Tyrone
State: GA.
Country: USA
Date: Jun 25, 2005
Name: Glenn Morgan Comments:
Email Address: gjmorgan@bellsouth.net Mr. Bruce I used to see you a lot on Ralph Emery show & I believe some before that on the Eddy Hill show. I was a delegat at the Memphis Annual Comference of UMC and was so surprised to see &enjoy you there. Thank God for your wonderful talent. I hadnt seen you in years. No longer able to recieve Nashville TV stations. Cable not available to me. I am 72 and those songs on the "CHANGED" CD are tremendous. I have kept it in my van CD Player ever since I bought it at the Convention. May God continue tuse and Bless you. You sure are Blessing me.
Your friend's in Christ, Glenn & Joan Morgan
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City: Huntingdon
State: Tennessee
Country: USA
Date: Jun 23, 2005
Name: vincent campbell Comments:
Email Address: vinentcampbell8@hotmail.com trying to find CD Best of ED Bruce. Don't know of any other cd/album/casette with Diane on it. Can you help
Site Rating: 7
City: N/A
State: N/A
Country: ireland
Date: Jun 21, 2005
Name: Perry A. Greer Comments:
Email Address: perrygreer@ameritech.net I'll always have a spot in my heart for Ed Bruce and his music. "After All" is one of my very favorite songs. Thanks Ed for all the memories. Looking at the pictures makes me realize that we have been going through this world together since I was born in May of 1939!
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City: Cleveland
State: Ohio
Country: USA
Date: Jun 18, 2005
Name: lynda morris Comments:
Email Address: lynnie_1954@yahoo.com ed bruce has one of the purest voices in music this century..he writes from the heart....can listen to his voice and songs forever... i love you ed bruce for putting us in touch with your world..
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City: savannah
State: georgia
Country: usa
Date: Jun 12, 2005
Name: Bobbie Shoults Comments:
Email Address: bshoults2003@yahoo.com Yhere is more that one famous and very talented people who graduated from Messick High School in the midddle to late 50's. I remember when Ed use to sind in assembly on Wednesday. He was great then and is still great today.
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City: Memphis
State: Tennessee
Country: USA
Date: Jun 12, 2005
Name: Amy Porter Comments:
Email Address: ajpsing4u@hotmail.com Hi, Ed.
I guess I should have written this earlier back when you visited Broadway UMC back in April. My Dad finally remembered the TV show - it was the one with James Gardner in it. He is moving to the area later this month -- it would be fantastic if you made it back up here, then you two could meet. I hope you and Judith are both doing well.
Thank you again for everything that you're doing for Jesus!

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City: Bowling Green
State: KY
Country: USA
Date: Jun 11, 2005
Name: Eckehardt Wilbrandt Comments:
Email Address: ewilbrandt@web.de Hi,

Im a big fan from Ed Bruce.
I look for the lyric : "When wide open spaces and cowboys are gone" Ed sang this song on a music tape.
Please help me and send me this lyrics for private used.
Thanks a lot,

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City: Cologne
State: N/A
Country: Germany
Date: Jun 11, 2005
Name: Tammi Scarbrough Comments:
Email Address: trs1@bellsouth.net I just saw you at the Methodist Annual Conference in Memphis. I really enjoyed your testimony and songs. Keep up the good work.
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City: Paducah
State: Kentucky
Country: USA
Date: Jun 10, 2005
Name: David Stewart Comments:
Email Address: revdav@vci.net I just returned from the Memphis Annual Conference in Memphis, Tennessee. This is the annual meeting for the United Methodist Church. Ed ministered to the conference in song and his personal testimony and touched many hearts on Sunday night. I was one of them. May God continue to bless Ed and his music.
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City: Murray
State: Kentucky
Country: United States
Date: Jun 9, 2005
Name: Carl Moore Comments:
Email Address: moorecst@aol.com This is a great site, I am glad that I found it.
We have been missing Ed for far too long.
I was born in a town not too far from Ed's hometown of Keiser Arkansas, in a small town named Joiner Arkansas. But like Ed I also got my opportunity and moved away.
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City: Belton
State: Texas
Country: USA
Date: Jun 9, 2005
Name: Mary J. Tanner Comments:
Email Address: mjt734@aol.com Super Singer...Super Writer....So of course
A SUPER SITE. Keep on going, God Bless you and Yours.
Site Rating: 10
City: Weatherford
State: TX
Country: U.S.A
Date: Jun 7, 2005
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