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Name: Lofton & Judy Graves Comments:
Email Address: jlgvols@msn.com Can't wait to see you two in Sparta next week.
Site Rating: 10
City: Spencer
State: TN
Country: Van Buren
Date: Mar 10, 2005
Name: D.D. Magart Comments:
Email Address: fortyninerclimber@yahoo.com Have always really liked Ed's music,voice and songwriting style. Some of his songs touch me quite deeply, and some of them make me laugh, which is good!really glad that I stumbled onto this site!
Site Rating: 10
City: Chewelah
State: Washington
Country: USA
Date: Mar 10, 2005
Name: Helen Bensel Comments:
Email Address: twgchasr@mtco Ed,
Still Love True Country music.
Keep up the good work.
Your albuns are great.
Site Rating: 10
City: Morton
State: Illinois
Country: U S Of A
Date: Mar 8, 2005
Name: Helen Smith Comments:
Email Address: garysmith@mindspring.com Great to run across your website! Glad to see a new album is available and to see the Christian content! God bless you.

Site Rating: 10
City: Los Alamos
State: New Mexico
Country: US
Date: Mar 8, 2005
Name: Darryl Lyles Comments:
Email Address: staff@don-williams.com It is Great to see the site for Ed Bruce. He has always been my absolute favorite (alongside Don). I play the guitar and have been blessed with being Don Williams friend for many years. It has been my pleasure to also do the website for Don. Although I have met many other artists backstage with Don I have never met Ed. Hopefully that opportunity will present itself someday. I own the company Lyco Trikes of North Georgia. We build 3 wheeled motorcycle conversions at www.hondatrikes.com
Have a Great Week,
Darryl Lyles
Site Rating: 10
City: Hiawassee
State: Georgia
Country: USA
Date: Mar 8, 2005
Name: Bill Ayer Comments:
Email Address: chvy53@elp.rr.com Saw Ed when he did a Gig at the Shamizal Theater in El Paso Tx, in the early 80's. Didn't see any mention in his film credits concerning his performance in the series Matt Dillon, with James Arness.
Site Rating: 10
City: Canutillo
State: TX
Country: USA
Date: Mar 6, 2005
Name: troy allen walker Comments:
Email Address: troywalker@cox.net Mr. Bruce...saw you on classic country with Bill Cody tonight...have always loved your music...started playing your records on the air in 1982 in southeast arkansas when Larry Dean introduced me to your music. great to see you have turned to jesus! take care and god bless...if you are ever around harrison arkansas...look me up at khoz 102.9...khoz.com
take care sir....troy walker
Site Rating: 10
City: harrison
State: ar
Country: usa
Date: Mar 5, 2005
Name: Doris Ann Hays Comments:
Email Address: dorishays@earthlink.net Ed, I am the widow of Kendall Hays. You recorded some of our songs back in the 60s (CONSCIENCE and I'VE GOT A FEELING). Kendall passed away about 10 years back. I am still trying to promote some of his songs but it is difficult anymore to do that. We have several hundred that have never been looked at. Too bad, there is some good music in them. It is good to see you are still active in music. You were a good country singer and I was always sorry the song Conscience did not go.

Doris Ann Hays
Site Rating: 8
City: Port Orange
State: FL
Country: United States
Date: Mar 5, 2005
Name: garland green Comments:
Email Address: buzzardluck25@yahoo.com just setting here and listening to your cd. Thought I would google you. I want you to know that I have enjoyed your music for years and years, but did not know that you were an actor. My very best to you, and thanks for hours of enjoyment. Yours respectfully. Garland green
Site Rating: 10
City: lawton
State: oklahoma
Country: america
Date: Mar 5, 2005
Name: Bob & Pat Hartung Comments:
Email Address: rwh496@cs.com Dear Ed and Judy,
We have thought of you often,but didn't know how to contact you. Hope you remember us from the good old days at Bob and Tooties.
Even though Bob and Tootie have left us,we would love to get together with you guys again.
Please give us a shout.
Thank You,
Bob and Pat Hartung
Site Rating: 10
City: Kingston Springs
State: Tenessee
Country: USA
Date: Mar 3, 2005
Name: Skip McRae Comments:
Email Address: SkipMcRae@gmail.com I saw your interview last evening, Ed, on CAC with Bill Cody. I have been a longtime fan and so has my son, Brian. As a matter of fact, Brian did a lot of session work on Donnie Blanz's last album and has worked with him a couple of times within the past year and is scheduled to work with Donnie this summer in Utah. Best Wishes! Skip McRae
Site Rating: 10
City: Lubbock
State: Texas
Country: USA
Date: Mar 3, 2005
Name: Laura Trichel Comments:
Email Address: BAT -1@msn.com Dear Mr. Bruce, I have missed hearing your music and hope to get some more soon. I have your "Tell them I've Gone Crazy" album and loved watching you on TV. You have been one of my favorite singers for years. I am 43 and love country music. Thank you for letting me hear you sing and watch you on Tv. God be with you and those you love. LT.
Site Rating: 10
City: Bossier City
State: Louisiana
Country: USA
Date: Mar 2, 2005
Name: Richard Schwarz Comments:
Email Address: rschwarz@qis.net Anyone have any info on the Ed Bruce mystery disc "Set Me Free"? It's not included in the discography on this website. It sounds like it was recorded live in a very small bar with just 1 guitar and Ed. Who was playing guitar? When was it recorded?
Why isn't is listed on this website?
Site Rating: 10
City: Manchester
State: Maryland
Country: N/A
Date: Mar 2, 2005
Name: Tom Willis Comments:
Email Address: talapawn@yahoo.com I really enjoyed seeing and hearing you on GAC Classics. Great songs and I wish you well.
Site Rating: 10
City: Reeltown
State: Alabama
Country: USA
Date: Mar 2, 2005
Name: Edwin Wingfield Comments:
Email Address: wanderingwingfields@hotmail.com I've enjoyed your songs for many years, especially " The Littlest Cowboy Rides Again" It was my grandson, who is now a married adult...
Thanks for your music and I'm glad you found the Lord..
Site Rating: 10
City: Golden Valley
State: Az.
Country: USA
Date: Mar 2, 2005
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