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Name: JoAnne Woolever Comments:
Email Address: bootsey51@hotmail.com I have been wanting to find out what Ed had been doing lately. I had the privilege of meeting him and attending 2 of his concerts in the fall of 1983, 1 in Pensacola FL and 1 the next day in Alabama. I have a picure that was taken of the both of us that I would like for him to autograph. Where would I be able to send it to have this done? I am hoping that this will be possible. His music is the BEST!!!! And I "introduce" it to people all of the time. I believe that he is one of the most underappreciated musicians of our time. I would also like information on ordering his music on CD's. I do have the majority on vinyl. Thanks for making my day with his website!
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City: Anchorage
State: Alaska
Country: USA
Date: Jan 10, 2005
Name: Philip White Comments:
Email Address: philwht1@aol.com Dear ED,
GREAT SITE! Enjoyed it very much. Back in 1982 My Band, "The Treebeard Band", Had a chance to Play with you in New Hampshire at the Bally-Hoo Corral. At that time your buddy Song Writing Legend Whitey Shafer was touring with you. I know that I speak for the whole band when I say that we are very proud to have been your opening act and having a chance to hang out for a while with you and Whitey was Great. All the best in the Future and if you get a chance check out our website, it has a couple of pics from that show. Take Care - Philip White
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City: Wentworth
State: New Hampshire
Country: The Good Ole USA
Date: Jan 10, 2005
Name: David Eller Comments:
Email Address: dke1012000@yahoo.com Hello Ed and all...it's been a very long time. I met you at the Four Seasons Motel in St. George Utah. We talked horses and had a couple of Jim Beams together before you went to do your concert. Much to my surprise you brought your whole crew back with you and I sang all your songs all wrong..I was terrifed with one of my heros sitting there listening to my singin' It was a night I'll never forget. When I was done for the night, you took me out to your bus and opened a half gallon of Jim Beam and showed me pictures of your horses. I sure hope to see you again someday. If you are ever near Kingman Az...lets take a ride..got a couple of good cow horses here and a lot of room. Take real good care and thanks for the great memories. Dave
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City: Golden Valley
State: Az
Country: USA
Date: Jan 8, 2005
Name: Loretta J. Snyder Comments:
Email Address: snyderlj@juno.com Just discovered Ed Bruce when I purchased a CD with a collection of 22 country songs by original artists. Some went back into the 50's, at least. Loved the rendition of "King of the Road" done live with a lone guitar in what sounded like a cafe. It jumped out at me leading me to check out who this man was with such a wonderful voice and talent. Turns out my sister has known about him and has an album or 2 of his. Being a devoted Maverick fan, she knew of him from that and has continued to follow his career. Now I'm hooked and have purchased 'Changed'. I look forward to it arriving so I can hear a favorite voice sing about a favorite topic of mine. So glad that the Lord has us 'meet up' with others in His family.
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City: Harrisburg
State: PA
Country: USA
Date: Jan 7, 2005
Name: Shawn Zollinger Comments:
Email Address: coyote1@safelink.net I really love your music And singing. In the early 80's, I had 3 music heroes; Waylon, Willie, And Ed. I saw Ed at Billy Bob's Texas in 1982 Loved the show. I wish someone would tell MCA to re-release Ed's albums on Cd!!!!!!!!! God Bless, Shawn
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City: Burley
State: Idaho
Country: USA !!
Date: Jan 4, 2005
Name: Lynn McDonald Comments:
Email Address: pnuttoe5@aol.com I am Trying to find the Lyrics for the song Diane please help if u can thank you
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City: Perrysburg
State: Ohio
Country: U>S>A>
Date: Dec 29, 2004
Name: Bob Price Comments:
Email Address: BobPrice@rmbb.net Ed, I graduated from Treadwell in 1957. Didn't you play senior league baseball for Sears in the summer of 1953. I seem to remember that we played together on that team. Best regards, Bob Price
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City: Frisco (Dallas)
State: Texas
Country: USA
Date: Dec 29, 2004
Name: @T Comments:
Email Address: DeepEndNews@msn.com Ooops! Guess EB didn't WRITE "Tell Em I've Gone Crazy". But he certainly sang it beautifully. Somewhere in the cassette monster, the tape exists, but who knows where? Who DID write "Tell em I've Gone Crazy"??

I didn't mean to praise wrong song. All good. Mostly great singer.
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City: N/A
State: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: Dec 29, 2004
Name: Anna Taylor Comments:
Email Address: DeepEndNews@msn.com Happy Birthday!

When I saw the name "Ed Bruce" go by on the CNN ticker, in the middle of the night last night, I thought EB was DEAD. This morning, I saw it's a BIRTHDAY, not an obit. This is great.

I always figured "Tell Them I've Gone Crazy" was about ME . . . :^) [Guess you hear that a lot.]
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City: Navarro
State: California
Country: 95463
Date: Dec 29, 2004
Name: Diane Comments:
Email Address: lonelobo@bellsouth.net I have been a fan for a very long time. I had the privledge of meeting Ed in Englishtown Ny in the late 80's. What a gentlemen. I am soooooo glad that he is recording again. Thank you so much for the many hours of joy that you have brought to all of your fans.
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City: Orlando
State: Fl
Country: USA
Date: Dec 29, 2004
Name: Darron Reed Comments:
Email Address: darronreed@aol.com Mr. Bruce, I love your music. Your voice and song selections are classic and timeless. I have been trying to find one of your cd's and I am having trouble doing so. I was trying to find "The Best of Ed Bruce". Do you have any suggestions as to where I might find this CD? Thanks for your help! But most of all, thanks for all of the great music!

Darron Reed
Gulfport, MS
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City: Gulfport
State: MS
Country: United States of America
Date: Dec 27, 2004
Name: bill davison Comments:
Email Address: hmtrucking_48@msn.com a great singer and a actor. hope to here some new songs from MR> ED BRUCE. i enjoy his music thanks bill davison
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City: salem
Country: united states
Date: Dec 26, 2004
Name: Paul Smith Comments:
Email Address: maverick67@netins.net Mr. Bruce: I greatly enjoyed your portrayal of Sheriff Tom Guthrie on the "Bret Maverick" series back in the 80's. Recently my son and I were watching a broadcast of the movie "Smokey and the Bandit 3" and I was sure I recognized your voice singing the opening song: "Buford T. Justice". In scanning the credits at the end I saw that I was right. I set out to find an actual recording of that song, but haven't been able to locate it. Do you, by any chance, have a copy of a recording with that song on it that you sell? If not, could you point me to where we could find it. My son and I both thought it was quite a catchy tune and would like to hear it all the way through.

Thanks and God Bless,
-Paul Smith
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City: Ames
State: Iowa
Country: USA
Date: Dec 25, 2004
Name: Jack Porcher Comments:
Email Address: jackandjan@shaw.ca Hello Ed,
Been a country music fan for 40 years and have concluded that your music, voice and lyrics are the VERY BEST the industry has to offer. Thank you for it all. We still play it all the time.
If you ever have a spare hour in this neck of the woods, our coffee pot is always on. Best wishes to you and yours for the future.
Merry Christmas from Victoria B.C.
Jack Porcher.
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City: Victoria
State: B.C.
Country: Canada
Date: Dec 21, 2004
Name: Mike Mulvaney Comments:
Email Address: Towshot@verizon.net Ed
Been a long time since I left Nashville and went to labour in the wastelands of Hollywood. Time slips away and time for me to retire. I glad you're well still and still writing and performing. I remember all those nights in the lounge at the motel.
Best wishes.
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City: Vienna
State: Virginia
Country: USA
Date: Dec 21, 2004
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