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Name: virgil long Comments:
Email Address: onthevereg@charter.net ed, i have been a fan of yours for as long as i can remember. i recently saw you about 6mos ago at high praises church in friendsville, tn. i was saved in november of 2001 and it was good to hear your testimony. i love you in christian love and this might sound inane but i would like to sing with you someday, here or in heaven. i don't know if you'll get this or not, but if you do and would like to call me, my telephone number is 865-977-6530.
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City: maryville
State: tn
Country: usa
Date: Sep 13, 2004
Name: Scott Clem Comments:
Email Address: topdj955@hotmail.com Just discovered this site, and just became aware that Ed and I share the same birthday (December 29)! I loved Ed's 1981 single "You're The Best Break This Old Heart Ever Had", and thoroughly enjoyed playing it during my time as a DJ at country radio station WMCL in McLeansboro, IL, back in the 1990s. (I'm a career broadcaster.) Also thrilled to hear that Ed has turned his life over to the Lord! Hope he can keep on going for many more years!
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City: West Frankfort
State: Illinois
Country: USA
Date: Sep 11, 2004
Name: Frank Bruen Comments:
Email Address: fbruen@qwest.net My wife and I and our kids saw you perform at Sundance Saloon in Ft. Collins Colorado around 1980 when "First Taste of Texas" was a hit. I have that album. Love your voice and that song....glad I found your web site.

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City: Livermore
State: CO
Country: United States
Date: Sep 6, 2004
Name: Charles E Hackney Comments:
Email Address: cehac64@Yahoo.Com I would like to contact Mr Bruce beacuse Aunt Ethle told me to that long ago. I went to her outside of Nashville back in 1982 or 1983. She had written to me and if I'm not mistaken Aunt Ethle was Ed Bruce's Grandmother. Anyhow She was a very special person. Please pass this on to Mr Bruce, Charles E Hackney
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City: CMR 467 Box 1378
State: APO AE 09096
Country: Germany
Date: Sep 6, 2004
Name: Eric Harreman Comments:
Email Address: ericharreman@wanadoo.nl Hi there, just wanted you to know that you're this months "artist of the month" in my radio show "Country Style"
We are a local radio station and broadcasting on local cable at 107.1 FM and also on free air at 105.7 FM
The show is broadcasted friday nights from 2100 to 2200
Please tune in if you're in the neighbourhood.

Visit our website from time to time at www.radioridderkerk.nl
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City: Ridderkerk
State: N/A
Country: Netherlands
Date: Sep 3, 2004
Name: Dianna Rosenbalm Comments:
Email Address: peanuttoe@aol.com okay, I know you sang my favorite song of all time...Diane....I can't seem to find the lyrics anywhere...can you help me???? please!!!
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City: Perrysburg
State: OH
Country: usa
Date: Sep 2, 2004
Name: Sam Waldrip Comments:
Email Address: samual@mcmsys.com I was unaware of your music until recently. My wife purchased an lp somewhere, could have been ebay. I am now hooked. The jury is still out but 2 of my favorites are "Everything is a Waltz and "You've got her eyes. I just wanted you to know that you have really opened eyes.

Best Wishes
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City: Moberly
State: Mo.
Country: USA
Date: Aug 21, 2004
Name: Jean Comments:
Email Address: jean@contreras.net When my little brother who is nearly a man now was a baby he loved "When you fall in love everythings a waltz" and when I would take him a bath he would softly sing it. I heard that song today and it brought back such memories! Thank you for that.
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City: bakersfield
State: ca
Country: usa
Date: Aug 12, 2004
Name: Doug Woodlee Comments:
Email Address: wood7020@bellsouth.net I very proud to be Ed's brother-in-law. I've always been a fan of country music. Listened to it on a battery powered Philco radio in the late 1940's. Ever since hearing Ed sing for the first time I've been a fan of his. When I got married for the second time, Ed performed "One" at our wedding. I think it is one of the most beautiful love songs of all time and his voice makes it so special. One unfortunate thing about Ed's career---some of his best songs have not yet been recorded by anyone. You should all have the good fortune to be able to hear some of those songs as I have. Ed has been a wonderful husband to my dear sister Judith and a good brother-in-law.

Doug Woodlee
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City: Nashville
State: TN
Country: USA
Date: Aug 9, 2004
Name: Cathy Farmer Comments:
Email Address: catfarmer@memphis-umc.org Hi Ed and Judy!
Thanks again for agreeing to come to our October 16 Men's Rally at UT Martin. Oh, Ed? My husband David Farmer said you two played on the same softball (baseball?) league in Memphis. He said he rode around in your convertible. Was it yellow? David's a couple of years younger than you, I think.
Cathy Farmer
Memphis Conference
United Methodist Church
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City: Jackson
State: TN
Country: USA
Date: Aug 7, 2004
Name: Julie Didier Comments:
Email Address: Cajun@socal.rr.com HI ED,
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City: Woodland Hills
State: Ca.
Country: U.S.A.
Date: Aug 4, 2004
Name: Carol Ann Wilson Comments:
Email Address: carolwilson@earthlink.net I'm completely blown away by the new "Changed" CD. I'm telling everybody I know.
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City: Houston
State: TX
Country: USA
Date: Aug 4, 2004
Name: Jim Huff Comments:
Email Address: thestarshadow@earthlink.net Hi Ed!!

It's Great To See You're Still Makin' Music.

I Hope To See You Soon On T.V.( Maybe On BLUE COLLAR T.V. On The WB?)
All The Best-Jim.
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City: San Pablo
State: Ca
Country: USA
Date: Jul 28, 2004
Name: Les Pierce Comments:
Email Address: lrpierce@alltel.net Your music holds a special place in my life. I remember wanting to go to you see you play and the Emerald Inn, down by Eugene, Oregon. My family all said, "Who"?

They knew who when got home from a show that left us feeling good all over.

The sound of your voice will always bring a smile to my face, and sometimes, a tear of happiness to my eyes.

Thank you so much,

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City: De Queen
State: Arkansas
Country: USA
Date: Jul 28, 2004
Name: Ruth Steimel Comments:
Email Address: lsteimel@fbx.com It's a great website, very informative. Also, would like to know if Ed Bruce will rerecord some of his great songs that were on several cassettes I had years ago. Ruth
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City: Waterloo
State: Iowa
Country: USA
Date: Jul 27, 2004
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