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Name: Rich Comments:
Email Address: rtomas@go2.pl Hi there everyone,
I wonder if anyone of Ed Bruce's admirers can help me? For some time now I've been looking for the lyrics of his "Christmas started with a child", but to no avail. With Christmas time approaching fast I'd love to get it and teach this song to my students (I happen to be a teacher), because this is one of the most beautiful and moving X-mas tunes I've ever heard. If anyone could help me with that just don't hesitate and email me. I will really appreciate it!
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City: Warsaw
State: N/A
Country: Poland
Date: Nov 27, 2003
Name: Seifried Madeleine Comments:
Email Address: seifried@bluewin.ch Do you intend to give a concert in Switzerland in the near future. I`ve heard your wonderful songs in Gstaad and and two other places in Switzerland and you would be very pleased to hear and see you again someday in Switzerland. Madeleine
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City: Allschwil
State: Switzerland
Country: N/A
Date: Nov 27, 2003
Name: Rick Scott Comments:
Email Address: tangledwebs1@hotmail.com Just wanted to say thanks to Ed for sharing his time, talent, and frienship.... My first recording as a songwriter was by Ed and appeared on the "Mama's Don't Let Your Babies" LP..... I was sixteen years old and Ed took me under his wing and set me on the writer path.... Thanks again Ed....

Rick Scott
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City: Gulf Shores
State: Alabama
Country: USA
Date: Nov 27, 2003
Name: Bob Woods Comments:
Email Address: ewf@idirect.ca A few years back i heard you sing a xmas song it started "I climb the stairs" could you please tell me where i could get the lyrics or a copy of it I have looked in the stores but never found it ....I really enjoyed it.... it was beautiful and touched me very much
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City: Burlington
State: Ontario
Country: canada
Date: Nov 18, 2003
Name: BUTCH TUBBS Comments:
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City: Wake Village
State: Tx
Country: N/A
Date: Nov 14, 2003
Name: Joe Anderson Comments:
Email Address: etypetdriver@aol.com I am tardy in thanking Ed for lending his inestimable talent and his highly developed sense of what is right to our recent large business meeting in Las Vegas. All who know and respect him will not be surprised to learn he took a business message and delivered it in song as only he could have done.

We are the richer for his having spent time with us, and our lives are more interesting for knowing him and Judith if just for a while.

Thank you, Ed for all you did, and you Judith for making sure the farm was just right when he came back home.

Don't be surprised to see an E-type driver and a soprano show up in your drive!!!!! I still owe you a ride.

joe a
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City: Bloomington
State: IL
Country: USA
Date: Nov 5, 2003
Name: Bonn-Schmidt Sabine Comments:
Email Address: schmdttom@t-online.de Hello Ed Bruce, thank you very, very much
for making such good music. Your smooth voice
and music helped me through many heartaches.
I have all your records, they are a big
treasure to me. Home coming is to me the best. Make so good music too in the next 50
years. Good health and god bless you. I love
you. My family like your music too. Bye, Bye.
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City: Rechtenbach
State: Hessen
Country: Deutschland
Date: Nov 5, 2003
Name: Sylvia Pease Comments:
Email Address: stpease@psouth.net Dear Ed,
I have always been an Ed Bruce fan. I met you at the Province Lake Golf Course in NH years ago. You were there on a weekend and a group of my friends were there. Mike Farina the owner introduced us to you. We not only had the pleasure of meeting you but also listening to you sing. You gave my daughter your autograph. She was around 12 years old. Everytime I spot you on tv or in a movie I tell people that I met you. I am not sure that anyone believes me.I just watched you in Blue Valley Songbird so I did a search and found your site. It is a great site. I am so pleased I found it.
Sylvia Pease
Hiram, Maine

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City: Hiram
State: Maine
Country: USA
Date: Nov 2, 2003
Name: Dan Buchanan Comments:
Email Address: dbuchanan@kwch.com I am on a quest to find Ed's album "Tell 'em
I've Gone Crazy" on CD. PLEASE SOMEONE tell
me if it exists!! My Dad had it on cassette,
but the sound quality on cassettes (especially after being played thousands of
times) is pretty shabby. These are some of
Ed's best songs!! A very UNDERRATED Album!
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City: Newton
State: Kansas
Country: U.S.A.
Date: Nov 1, 2003
Name: Pete Ruffy Comments:
Email Address: Pmruffy142@aol.com I have been an admirer of Ed for a long while and have most of his Albums on Vinyl.
It's great to have found this Website.
Thanks a lot Ed.
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City: Wallton on the Naze
State: Essex
Country: U.K.
Date: Oct 30, 2003
Name: Julie Kay Smithson Comments:
Email Address: JSmit10695@aol.com Ed sang 'You're the Best Break' and 'When you Fall in Love, Everything's A Waltz' many times during the years when I drove trucks and raised horses (Arabians, trail and endurance). Now I do property rights research and my website and efforts honor Resource Providers -- and my best friend is Wiggles (he's the best dog on the planet, an Australian Blue Heeler second to none!). Thanks, Ed, for writing and singing from the heart and soul. You're in my Top Five, along with Ian Tyson, Don Williams, Don Edwards, Michael Martin Murphey, and Neil Diamond. So, you're all in good company! God bless you and keep you and your family, and may He give you many healthy years to come. Thank you for your maple syrup voice and cowboy heart!
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City: London
State: Ohio
Country: America, Land that I Love!
Date: Oct 29, 2003
Name: Chuck Hanan Comments:
Email Address: Chuck.Hanan.ai31@statefarm.com Ed, we met recently in Las Vegas. I enjoyed you and Judy thoroughly. Hope all is well with both of you. Take care.

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City: Bloomington
State: IL
Country: N/A
Date: Oct 28, 2003
Name: Robert Cosar Comments:
Email Address: www.robertjcosar@hotmail.com hi ed,
i really enjoyed your site. i played your
music on the radio for many years. now i write for our local newspaper. may i ask you
a question. i am doing a piece on moon songs. what's with all the moon songs. question: what is it about the moon that
inspires writers. any thoughts.
thanks for your time,

robert cosar robertjcosar@hotmail.com
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City: Kelowna, B.C.
State: N/A
Country: Canada
Date: Oct 24, 2003
Name: Sheila Bunn Comments:
Email Address: ourhome@tfbol.com What a walk down memory lane!! I love seeing all the photos...what a looker!!(sorry Judith, but I know you don't mind!) I am so glad we have been given the gift of his music again. He not only is a supurb singer/songwriter/actor, he is a friend! God bless!
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City: Centerville
State: TN
Country: N/A
Date: Oct 21, 2003
Name: Jeff McKellar Comments:
Email Address: LakewoodJeff@yahoo.com Just came back to say hi Judy! Sure wish that sometime in my life, I could meet people like Ed Bruce! Jeff McKellar
Site Rating: 10
State: Wa
Country: USA
Date: Oct 20, 2003
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