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Name: Carl Krauss Comments:
Email Address: mckraussjr@msn.com Getting married in October!!! Chose one of your songs as our song. She is the best break my old heart has ever had!!!
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City: Sanford
State: FL
Country: USA
Date: Jul 3, 2010
Name: Denny Foy Comments:
Email Address: dkfoy@wk.net I loved your site. I have always loved to hear you sing. Just wondering if you are kin to any Bruces in West Ky.
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City: Sedalia
State: Ky
Country: USA
Date: Jul 1, 2010
Name: JR McBrayer Comments:
Email Address: jrmcbrayer@bellsouth.net We met Mr. Bruce on our Route 66 roadtrip. We knew he looked and sounded familiar. We've realized once connecting his name to his work that we have been fans of his for decades. We would love to watch him perform. Please contact us with upcoming events. If this message gets to Mr. Bruce...we were the ones in the black Porsche traveling together from Texarkana to Nashville. He left a lasting impression with us and we would really love to have the chance to meet up with him again.

Thank you,
JR and Christy McBrayer
585 Shenandoah Drive
Calhoun, GA 30701
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City: Calhoun
State: GA
Country: USA
Date: Jul 1, 2010
Name: Ollie Comments:
Email Address: wiggi_76504@yahoo.com Mr. Bruce,

I'm a friend of Johnny Minick and watch Church via internet every Sunday. It was such a blessing to see and hear you sing for the Lord. You truly blessed my heart.
I'll keep you in my thoughts & prayers.


Miss Ollie
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City: Temple
State: TX
Country: USA
Date: Jun 27, 2010
Name: Sidney Grief Comments:
Email Address: sgrief@austin.rr.com If you get down this way, I'd sure like to see you perform. I saw you on TV last week and went looking for your CDs; but, I haven't found them yet. Best of luck. Yours, Sid
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City: Austin
State: Texas
Country: USA
Date: Jun 26, 2010
Name: Carolyn Dickerson Comments:
Email Address: gmawpapaj@att.net Hi Ed..I graduated with you in 1957...Carolyn Pugh...Saw you on Legends & Lyrics tonight...Good show....I am involved in trying to save Southern Gospel Music...I would love for you to add a page to my site Southern Gospel Music Awareness site..I have over 60 members...
Check it out...God Bless, Carolyn & Jim Dickerson
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City: Ripley
State: TN
Country: USA
Date: Jun 25, 2010
Name: Jim Childers Comments:
Email Address: jimc238@aol.com Ed,
I had the pleasure of meeting you at the "Ridin' for the Brand" Cowboy Church in Sanger, Texas.It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Thanks so much for "stoppong in". It was great. I'm sure that our Lord surrounded you and your bride with angels on your trip home. Thanks again for a wonderful weekend. You are truly a fine Christian gentleman. GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY.
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City: Paducah
State: Texas
Country: USA
Date: Jun 24, 2010
Name: Denny Penix Comments:
Email Address: dennypenix@msn.com Mr. Bruce, I don't know if you will get this note, but you have touch the depth of my heart.
This is in reference of the CD Sing about Jesus. Thank you for this CD. I hope there are sound tracks available, Please. I have been a fan of you songs, as well as movies, they are great. I know the Lord lead me here. Thanks again, Denny
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City: Thousand Palms
State: Ca
Country: US
Date: Jun 18, 2010
Name: tuesday anderson Comments:
Email Address: anderson0305@yahoo.copm thanx for being such a great neighbor
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City: monterey
State: tn
Country: united states
Date: Jun 11, 2010
Name: Greg Fehn Comments:
Email Address: mowntainman@gmail.com Mr. Bruce,
I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your music.
I think I speak for a lot of Americans, in pleading for you to release another "Best of", or "Greatest Hits", CD.
Have you seen the prices being asked for your albums? I think that is all the proof you need to show the popularity of your talent!
O.K. I'll beg, please, please, please, release a Greatest Hits!

Greg Fehn
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City: Maple Lake
State: MN
Country: USA
Date: Jun 11, 2010
Name: Tom Comments:
Email Address: thomaskwhite@verizon.net Hello, you did a great job on RFD a little while back. Great singing and great songs!
I was hoping sometime you could listen to a couple songs I wrote a while back. Search on youtube "My Wild Wild WV Hills" by Thomas K White, video by preacherGlen1 or One More Hillbilly In a Band" I would just like for a legend like you to hear one of my songs. There are two songs on each video which is pictures of Wv small town scenery. Thanks, very much, Tom
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City: N/A
State: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: Jun 8, 2010
Name: Beth Comments:
Email Address: bethannek.k@gmail.com Dear Ed Bruce,

I have always enjoyed your acting. Never realized you had a singing career as well. I watched you on Country Family Reunion and Larry's Country Diner and just had to purchase two of you latest albums. I love the Lord as well and your music touches my heart. Thank you so much for sharing.
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City: Howard City
State: Michigan
Country: United States
Date: Jun 8, 2010
Name: Jed Comments:
Email Address: fdcjohn@hotmail.com I listen to LAST COWBOYS's SONG and find myself in another dimension. I am a musician and singer myself and I always try to make my music touch the soul as your's has touched me. Life would hardly be worth living without the heart and soul of the music of folks like you.
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City: Tell City
State: Indiana
Country: USA
Date: May 23, 2010
Name: Phil Welsh Comments:
Email Address: Harriet.Welsh@yahoo.com Uncle Ed - Just wanted to make sure you have my correct address:

Phil Welsh
6899 Marks Rd
Cameron, NC 28326
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City: Cameron
State: NC
Country: United States
Date: May 19, 2010
Name: Diana Kriebel Comments:
Email Address: dlkriebel@embarqmail.com Hi Ed!

I am glad to see you're still kickin! We loved the Bret Maverick show, Dad never missed an episode. You and James Garner made a great team. I think somewhere in this house I have a couple of your albums on vinyl too. Those were the days :-)

Take care and thanks for all your good work!

Site Rating: 10
City: Newville
State: PA
Country: United States
Date: May 17, 2010
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