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Name: Roger Hill Comments:
Email Address: rogerhill1@googlemail.com Ed you are a poet, a communicator, story teller and I love your songs. But when I saw you on Larry,s Diner telling how Jesus rvealed himself to you, I was so thrilled for you.
God bless you
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City: Beckenham
State: Kent
Country: UK
Date: Dec 22, 2009
Name: peter mulroe Comments:
Email Address: pmulroe2001@yahoo.com very interesring, enjoy his singing
Site Rating: 8
City: Monaghan
Country: Ireland
Date: Dec 22, 2009
Name: David Von Eye Comments:
Email Address: devoneye@venturecomm.net Hello Mr Ed Bruce, my name is David Von Eye,Ijust love your song, My first taste of Texas. It reminds us of our marriage of 37 years. My wife passed away nov 1st. We got married in 1972,she was 15 and I was 21, thats why i love your song. You have big deep voice,I just love it. Your song really hit me in the heart.Your good man Ed thank you!!! David Von Eye
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City: Wessington Springs
State: South Dakota
Country: United States
Date: Dec 20, 2009
Name: Odie Gibson Comments:
Email Address: odiegibson@yahoo.com Your music is awesome..........would love to catch a show.

Keep bringing it brother!

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City: Quinwood
State: WV
Country: usa
Date: Dec 17, 2009
Name: Debbie L. Sheffield Comments:
Email Address: dadsbrat@charter.net I just wanted to let you know that my cousin, Jerry McArthur, introduced me to your song, I Know. He brought it with him to our home in preparation for my mother's funeral....saying we must hear it, that it was "powerful." Wow....what an understatement. To say we were touched.....is also an understatement. I've had numerous requests as to how to get this song. Please advise, as I went to one site and it said they were "out of stock." What a blessing your talent must be to you and those around you, please keep sharing it with everyone you meet and those of us that don't have that privilege. God bless you and yours. Debbie Sheffield
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City: North Richland Hills
State: TX
Country: United States
Date: Dec 10, 2009
Name: Twan van Houtum Comments:
Email Address: twan@blackbox-se.nl Hi Ed,

You're song "mama's don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys" was the favorite song of my dad..he passed away 3 weeks ago.

But your song gives me a lot of beautifull memories, I wanna thank you for that!

kind regards

Twan van Houtum
Tilburg,The Netherlands

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City: Tilburg
State: Noord Brabant
Country: The Netherlands
Date: Dec 8, 2009
Name: doris Van Ness Comments:
Email Address: dorvnn2@aol.com It is so nice to see you are still out there. We have loved your music for years. Keep up the great work and my God bless and keep you.

Jerry and Doris Van Ness
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City: Bedrock
State: Colorado
Country: united States
Date: Dec 7, 2009
Name: Patrick Comments:
Email Address: whitt.patrick@yahoo.com . I am 32 years old and have enjoyed your music for years.. I seen a video on youtube from a show, where you did my first taste of Texas, it was a great performance and prompted me look up your website. While here I came too find out that you wrote mamas' dont let your babys' grow up to be cowboys.That was my favorite song of my childhood.I was three years old holding a guitar going around singing that song, and is probably the reason I am such a huge fan of real country music to this day. And finally I am touched by your youtube video because you remind me of my father who passed a few years ago. Not so much in looks but in your actions and facial expressiones.You appear modest and humble. Keep making music and enjoy your holidays.
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City: Mount Gilead
State: Ohio
Country: U.S.A
Date: Dec 7, 2009
Name: Mike & Karen Biben Comments:
Email Address: certserv75@gmail.com Sitting here on a cold snowy Sunday night & put on a cd 10 best country hits of the 70's.
Mamas don't let.. is on it. We love that song.
Best Wishes & thanks for the memories.
Mike & Karen
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City: Bellevue
State: NE
Country: USA
Date: Dec 6, 2009
Name: marty elmore Comments:
Email Address: martinjelmore@q.com Ed

one of my favorite songs from you that is not played a lot is the Last Cowboy Song
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City: kremmling
State: CO
Country: usa
Date: Dec 6, 2009
Name: Katherine Choate Comments:
Email Address: dontelltheelf@gmail.com I love listening to your songs.
Site Rating: 8
City: Sidney
State: Montana
Country: USA
Date: Dec 4, 2009
Name: andy ramsey Comments:
Email Address: ramsey138@yahoo.com hee haw is on RFDtv, 'song for Ginny' is a new favorite.
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City: roanoke
State: va
Country: USA
Date: Dec 4, 2009
Name: Lisa Sisk Comments:
Email Address: byarlyracing@yahoo.com Ed,
I hope your wife is doing ok after her trip to Vanderbilt today. I am sorry that I did not know who you were at the time.
I hope you enjoyed your trip to Texas!!!

Lisa Sisk
Nurse @ Vanderbilt
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City: Dawson Springs
State: Ky.
Country: USA
Date: Dec 4, 2009
Name: Robert Douglas Comments:
Email Address: douglasrc@frontiernet.net Saw you on larry's country diner, Thanks for talking about you being boen again. Also you did a song called the magificent cowboy mustash. Where can I get a copy of the words and music for it? Thanks for the wonderful 2 gospel cds,
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City: Show Low
State: AZ
Country: USA
Date: Dec 2, 2009
Name: Yaw Dartey Comments:
Email Address: yawdee@hotmail.com your music is such a big part of me for a Ghanaian in England. An african who loves country music is virtually unheard of but your music makes all the difference.
My mamma made me be a doctor but I'm a black cowboy at heart. I'm better at operating listening to your music while singing along.
Thank you for your soothing music.
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City: Bath
State: N/A
Country: England
Date: Dec 1, 2009
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