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Name: Mark Comments:
Email Address: Towtrkr@msn.com Love your songs. Wish we could could hear more from you. Come to Phoenix. I would like to get the song Diane on a cd or mp3 but I can't seem to find it anywhere??? Any suggestions???

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City: Mesa
State: Arizona
Country: USA
Date: Aug 8, 2009
Name: Karen Comments:
Email Address: kasteuerwald@aol.com I'm trying to find your song about the young men returning from WWII. Can I order it from your site? Perhaps I missed it.

Thank you.
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City: Brownsburg
State: IN
Country: United States
Date: Aug 8, 2009
Name: Melissa Flippin Comments:
Email Address: mebflippin@yahoo.com Would love to see you do a tour. Have always loved your stuff!
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City: Durham
State: NC
Country: US
Date: Aug 4, 2009
Name: RALPH SETTLES Comments:
Email Address: rlsett63@yahoo.com IV BEEN A FAN OF YOUR'S FOR YEARS
Site Rating: 10
State: TN.
Country: USA
Date: Aug 2, 2009
Name: Phil Avon Comments:
Email Address: jsavonen@charter.net dear ed, You where the subject of my pastor's sermon last week. There are only two groups of people on earth, saved and the unsaved. I am in the saved group and I believe you are too. I'll be sixty-one in november.I would apprciate talking to you over the phone, please don't disappoint me, your brother in Christ, Phil Avon.
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City: Wilmington
State: N.C. 28412
Country: U.S.A.
Date: Aug 2, 2009
Name: hayes galloway Comments:
Email Address: gabby39730@att.net hi ed saw u on country reunion the other night. like that show. what are u doing now days? been a long time since we were at cummings school huh. looking to hear from u i ran freight trains for 40 years retired in 2000 not doing anything just enjoying life. see ya hayes galloway
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City: aberdeen
State: ms.
Country: usa
Date: Aug 1, 2009
Name: Bernice Hanes Comments:
Email Address: bhanes@junct.com I would like to order the album -changed- but it seems to be unavailable according to your web site. Please advise on how to order it. Thanks Bernice Hanes
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City: Bluejacket
State: OK
Country: USA
Date: Aug 1, 2009
Name: Ron Carr Comments:
Email Address: Ronnie.Carr@us.army.mil Love your music, keep doing what you do best (singing) God Bless
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City: Sterling Heights
State: Michigan
Country: N/A
Date: Jul 30, 2009
Name: Todd Earl Comments:
Email Address: teostler@yahoo.com Love your music
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City: Payson
State: Utah
Country: N/A
Date: Jul 29, 2009
Name: Phil Avon Comments:
Email Address: jsavonen@charter.net Dear Ed, I was righting a series involving you as the lead character, a private investigator named Buck Stanton, the series name was to be "Buckeye". With Larry Wilcox, Jim Varney, and Geoffrey Lewis. That was about 20 yrs. a go, when Stephen J Canell was my mentor. I was praying for you then. I have my own company, "Fisher of Men Production Ministries. My wife is telling me I have to get off the computer, would love to talk, my number is (910)799-8318.
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City: Wilmington
State: North Carolina
Country: N/A
Date: Jul 29, 2009
Name: Gert Rösken Comments:
Email Address: gert.rosken@chello.nl Dear Mr. Bruce,

Back in the 80's you where in Holland and there you had an interview with my best riend Hans van Drunen. He's was writing for Country Gazette Magazine. I can remember that you told us that you had making a picture for Yellowstone Park as a hunter. Am I right? I could not find that picture on the internet. I do have pictures while you where in Holland. It would be my pleasure if I could send them to you.

Take care,

Gert Rösken
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City: Sliedrecht
State: Zd.Holland
Country: Netherlands
Date: Jul 29, 2009
Name: William Wise Comments:
Email Address: wmwise@suddenlink.net I have loved all the songs performed by Ed Bruce for more years than I like to remember. Does anyone know if there was ever a songbook published with chords? I would love to have one.

Bill Wise
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City: Victoria
State: Texas
Country: USA
Date: Jul 25, 2009
Name: Daniel Flygare Comments:
Email Address: yttervagen@live.se I run a website called Country on Net.

Please, visit my website:

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City: Alvsbyn
State: Norrbotten
Country: Sweden
Date: Jul 25, 2009
Name: Axel Comments:
Email Address: info@axel-graupe.de Dear Ed Bruce
happy to hear you're still around. Myself got awake when watching your performace at the Country Family Reunion in Nashville on youtube and digged out my old single 'Girls, women and ladies'. This brought back precious memories from 25 years ago. Thank you for this.
God bless you.
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City: Warendorf
State: N/A
Country: Germany
Date: Jul 23, 2009
Name: Stacy Foster Comments:
Email Address: Brave_Words@yahoo.com Sir,

HUGE fan for over 30 years. I'm your friend on Myspace but that's for kids...please get something going on Facebook, that's where the adults are and you'll be amazed at the cowboy network on there. If you do join, look me up and I'll get you started with a ton of your fans. Also check out Old West Moment as I'm sure you'll love it.


Mr. Stacy Foster
Site Rating: 10
City: Cedar Rapids
State: IA
Country: USA
Date: Jul 19, 2009
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