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Name: joe foster Comments:
Email Address: papajoe38@bellsouth.net i just happend to find this website he is a great actor one of my fav.but more than that i'm glad to learn that he turned his life over to JESUS i did over thirty years ago the best thing that happened to any bodyi think ed bruce is a great actor and singer so ed keep up the good work as a actor and singer may GOD BLESS YOU
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City: anderson
State: south carolina
Country: u.sa.
Date: Jul 19, 2009
Name: Charles V. Carroll Comments:
Email Address: c1carroll@bellsouth.net Always enjoy the song MY FIRST TASTE OF TEXAS. Thanks very Much!
Charles Carroll
Site Rating: 9
City: Marietta
State: Georgia
Country: USA
Date: Jul 19, 2009
Name: Mae O'Brien Comments:
Email Address: maevellen@yahoo.com Hi, Ed.
I used to be married to one of your cousins, David Bruce from Kennett, MO.
Recently saw Legends and Lyrics on PBS and was delighted to see you. Always fondly remember your hospitality when we visited you outside of Nashville.
Hope you are happy and well.
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City: Doylestown
State: PA
Country: USA
Date: Jul 14, 2009
Name: Jack Tobin Comments:
Email Address: jntobin@aol.com Sir, Have always enjoyed your music, but while in Australia several years ago I heard your Christmas 1945. A song about men coming home from war and carrying on with normal life. The superbly crafted melody, with its poignant lyrics have stayed in my mind since I first heard it. It is on my favorite playlist, and it still touches me when I hear it. After serving with Special Forces from Vietnam to Afghanistan, I retired in 2006, your song reminds me of all the men I served with and how much those years meant to me

Jack Tobin
COL (R) Special Forces
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City: Mint Hill
State: NC
Country: USA
Date: Jul 12, 2009
Name: Dan Wallace Comments:
Email Address: XJSlover@aol.com Ed, I love your music and I think that you should put ALL of your songs on KARAOKE disc so everyone can sing them. I have searched and there are 4 songs out there. There should be all of them out here to buy. I think the Sound Choice Label would be a label to consider if you decide to pursue the making of all your music on CDG disc. LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!!!!

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City: Gold Canyon
State: Arizona
Country: USA
Date: Jul 11, 2009
Name: darren avery Comments:
Email Address: darrenavery65@yahoo.com Mr. Bruce,as a native of keiser i am very glad that someone could be as successful as your self being from a hometown as mine.I was just wondering when was the last time you toured Keiser? I have a few inlaws that still live there and ever so often I will go and visit a few old friends and it is amusing in this day in time to ask residents 'have you ever heard of Ed Bruce?'The answers are very interesting.Good luck and keep up the good work. sincerly, Darren Avery
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City: blytheville
State: arkansas
Country: usa
Date: Jul 11, 2009
Name: Ronnie Brown Comments:
Email Address: rbav1611@bellsouth.net Ed. I saw you checking out of a store in Cookville one day when my wife and I were visiting her Mom in Clarkrange.I thought it was you.I started to talk to you but I wanted to respect your privacy.I know you like to deer hunt. You need to come to Ga. and hunt with us. My wife is from Sevier Co Tenn. We are saved Christians. Give us a hollar sometime. I am retiring July 31 and we will be coming up to Fentris Co Tenn to visit family. We would love to meet you and your wife and talk about the good Lord, and deer huntin tales. God Bless you brother and thanks for your Christian Testimony. Email me , Ronnie Brown
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City: St. Augustine
State: Fl
Country: USA
Date: Jul 9, 2009
Name: Corriene Wolford Comments:
Email Address: cocosquirtcatz@yahoo.com Ed, I have been a long time fan for a long time.I have enjoyed your music for years. Keep up the fantasticmusic! corriene
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City: So. Charleston
State: West Virginia
Country: UnitedStates
Date: Jul 8, 2009
Name: Joan Comments:
Email Address: oljoabe@hotmail.com My late husband and I spent many a special hour listening to your recordings as we drove the long miles between Tennessee and Oregon. Thanks for all the great music. Your talent is unsurpassed.

Best regards.

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City: Minden
State: NV
Country: United States
Date: Jul 6, 2009
Name: jeff mills Comments:
Email Address: jeff_mills2006@yahoo.com I love your music. I am looking for a copy of Puzzles. The song Walker's Woods is the best.
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City: sylva
State: nc
Country: 28779
Date: Jun 30, 2009
Name: Jay LaHaye Comments:
Email Address: jay@encoreenvironmentalllc.com I realize that Mr. Bruce will likely never see this, but, here goes. I am a 41 year old musician that has appreciated your music every time I heard it. However, it was not until just recently that I took time to appreciate it and let me tell you, I appreciate it. In my opinion, you have the best voice that I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. I am not aware of your concert schedule, but if you are anywhere nearby, I will be there. I am only sorry that I have not fully appreciated your music before now.
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City: Mamou
State: Louisiana
Country: usa
Date: Jun 29, 2009
Name: Sarah Winchester Comments:
Email Address: sarahuwg@yahoo.com Hello. I am just looking up information. My mother was just telling me that my great-grandmother, Margaret Edmondson, used to sew for Mr. Bruce. I find this very cool! I love "Mammas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys."
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City: N/A
State: Georgia
Country: USA
Date: Jun 25, 2009
Name: Gloria Comments:
Email Address: oatsvall@peoplepc.com I've been a big fan of Ed's since I was 18.I love his music and his voice. My daughter and I seen him last summer at the Dixie Carter center in Huntingdon, Tn. enjoyed it alot. I hope he comes back soon.This time if he would please sing Loves Found You And Me which is my favorite.Also I really love the Sing About Jesus cd. We all should tell what Jesus has done for us and what He can do for others.
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City: Camden
State: Tn
Country: America
Date: Jun 25, 2009
Name: Jim and Pat Delony Comments:
Email Address: jim.delony@windstream.net Ed and Judith...
Long time, no see...but the memories are
You always kind of chuckled when I told you I did a lot of work with Church of Christ programs...and now you have found the Man
and sing about Him...

We're doing great...just getting older like everyone else...
Maybe we'll drift through Monterey some day...

Stay strong...write if I can do anything for you guys down the road...

Jim Delonny
P.O. Box 2098
Sugar Land, Texas
Site Rating: 9
City: Sugar Land
State: Texas
Country: USA
Date: Jun 23, 2009
Name: vince brophy Comments:
Email Address: vbrophy@ns.sympatico.ca love ed bruce,one of the originals
Site Rating: 10
City: mulgrave
State: nova scotia
Country: canada
Date: Jun 21, 2009
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