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Name: Christine Porter Comments:
Email Address: cfpboss@yahoo.com Keep on singing! Sorry I lost contact with Judith some time back. Computer crash as well as took all of my e-mail addresses.
Site Rating: 10
City: Louisville
State: Kentucky
Country: usa
Date: Apr 8, 2009
Name: Bill Conner Comments:
Email Address: bconner1024@yahoo.com When you released Mamas Don't Let your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys, I bought several copies on 45 and gave them to my friends. I told them that if a well known singer would release it, it would be number one. Willie any Waylon proved me correct but I never let people forget that it is your song. Best wishes.
Site Rating: 10
City: Jasper
State: GA
Country: USA
Date: Apr 4, 2009
Name: Tedd Kunkel Comments:
Email Address: retractdown@hotmail.com You are one of the all time best! Wonderful voice. You should do some videos of your hit songs and post them so we can see you sing them now.
Site Rating: 10
City: Greenville
State: PA
Country: USA
Date: Apr 3, 2009
Name: dennis dino Comments:
Email Address: dennis@middletownhonda.com loved truckin usa, know every one by heart. have all of them on vhs....
Site Rating: 10
City: mongomery ny
State: ny
Country: usa
Date: Apr 1, 2009
Name: Kim Ayers Comments:
Email Address: ttm927@bellsouth.net Thank you so much for the CD that you signed for me. It took me back to when you went hunting with my dad and Ron and of course my mom. Thanks again, Kim (Ron and Kathie Peterson's niece)
Site Rating: 10
City: Winchester
State: TN
Country: USA
Date: Mar 31, 2009
Name: Annie Sellick Comments:
Email Address: rubychalice@yahoo.com Dear Ed,

Could you please send Pat Bergeson and I your direct email address?
My address is here and pat's is

We are touring in germany and have limited access to the phone.

We need to talk to you regarding the June 14th date. A major touring artist has Pat's scedule on hold at the moment and we are waiting to hear if he will be doing a summet tour with her. If this happens, we would have to miss the June 14th date.

We really want to do this for the Kinders and for MMUMC, but right now we just don't know what the outcome will be! We thought you should know right away.

Thanks and God's love,
annie sellick
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City: Nashville
State: TN
Country: USA
Date: Mar 31, 2009
Name: Jason Hurt Comments:
Email Address: chalc1@yahoo.com love your music, resently found out you sold a horse to a good friend of mine (yrs ago) would like to know if you are a fan of TN walkers or MS foxtrotters? thinking about getting into horses and I've heard your and expert thanks
Site Rating: 10
City: stuttgart
State: AR
Country: United States
Date: Mar 29, 2009
Name: Kevin Rosser Comments:
Email Address: kevinrosser@kevinrosser.com Ed,
I heard your interview with Bill Mack on XM 13. Well done. Good answer about the 60's being the problem and one sided tolerance. Thanks for sticking up for the good guys.

Site Rating: 10
City: Cumming
State: Ga
Country: USA
Date: Mar 29, 2009
Name: Barry McLaggan Comments:
Email Address: wonbyone@nbnet.nb.ca I'm a 67 year old Country/Gospel singer/songwriter. Have Ed's albums and sing some of his songs. I have a wonderful 14 year old bird dog (English Springer), bowhunt, am addicted to golf and am a CHRISTIAN. Found this site and feel like I found someone I've already known. Will order the two gospel cd's soon.
Site Rating: 8
City: New Maryland
State: New Brunswick
Country: Canada
Date: Mar 24, 2009
Name: Jerry Turpin Comments:
Email Address: jerryturpin645@comcast.net I just found your web site I thank it is wonderful I have been a fan sence I herd the first song that has been many years ago I didn't even know he was still recordin I herd changed on the ACMR I will be senden for it soon Jerry Turpin
Site Rating: 10
City: Lemoore
State: California
Country: U S A
Date: Mar 23, 2009
Name: John Comments:
Email Address: jhaorr@aol.com I grew up listening to Ed Bruce, love your music. Brings back great memories. God bless you.
Site Rating: 10
City: Baytown
State: TX
Country: US
Date: Mar 17, 2009
Name: BJ Brown Comments:
Email Address: browntrout@centurytel.net Hi ....
I have a song running through my brain that has the words: "Don't tell it to me, or, Don't say goodbye". I know you do that sucker but I cannot find it. Lots of harmony in it! Am I wrong here? BTW, liked your site and your youtube song: "My First Taste of Texas" I'm 78 so you just keep on keeping on! LtCol BJ Brown, USAF, Retired
Site Rating: 10
City: Mountain Home
State: AR
Country: USA
Date: Mar 11, 2009
Name: PAUL DAVIS Comments:
Email Address: enq@newmusicenterprises.com Hi Ed
I listened to SING ABOUT JESUS. Well done! Great material. It blessed me! CHRISTIAN GREETINGS. Paul Davis (Broadcaster /Journalist/ Author)
Site Rating: 10
City: N/A
State: N/A
Country: UK
Date: Mar 10, 2009
Name: Kaley Caperton Comments:
Email Address: kaley@kaleycaperton.com Hi!
I saw your site and wanted to stop and say "Hi"...I met you at the Celebrity Rodeo in Abilene!
Site Rating: 10
City: China Spring
State: TX
Country: USA
Date: Mar 9, 2009
Name: Marie Lyons Comments:
Email Address: mlyons2106@comcast.net Mr. (brother)Bruce, I can't tell you how much your performance @ our Chapel-by-the-Sea blessed my spirit. As a newly renovated new creature in Jesus, Oct. 08, your performance was outstanding and uplifting. (I was the lady who sang on Sunday Morning Country show;1989, 9th anniversary, on the Opry stage).I remember my first taste of your incredible talent was when I heard You're the Best Break This Ole' Heart Ever Had (in the 70's?)We were honored to have you, perform and minister to us!! May Father God continue to bless you & your lovely Judith. Thanx also for the walk down memory lane. Marie Lyons
Site Rating: 10
City: Savannah
State: Georgia
Country: USA
Date: Mar 1, 2009
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